January XBY Newsletter

The January XBY Newsletter in pdf :    Testnet#3 Update   :   Next Exchange Integration   :   Voting for Exchange Listings   : Cryptopia Wallet Update            

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Notes from XBY’s CCR

In an effort to protect our new community members from the rampant FUD, we have decided to post the full and correct perspective of XTRABYTES to remove any doubts some may have in our mission. […]

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X-CHANGE: A New Trading Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency exchanges must be generously financed by their owners in order to ensure financial liquidity. Without such liquidity, an exchange risks freezing up from debt. Likewise, exchanges that rely upon a centralized supply represent a […]

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A Community Coin Has Silver-Linings

The ICO: A Quick Way to Raise Capital But…. In the cryptocurrency world, altcoin founders assert that ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are all-but-necessary for coin development. And ICOs certainly are an effective way to raise […]