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Who is Behind XTRABYTES?

Many investors have asked this question while researching XTRABYTES (XBY). And it is indeed a legitimate one. It’s also human nature. Seeing a name or a face helps one feel slightly more confident and/or comfortable with […]

XBY Community

A Community Coin Has Silver-Linings

The ICO: A Quick Way to Raise Capital But…. In the cryptocurrency world, altcoin founders assert that ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are all-but-necessary for coin development. And ICOs certainly are an effective way to raise […]

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XBY Community

Community Coin: XtraBytes

From: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@t0mpee/xtrabytes-new-ann-roadmap-and-whitepaper-to-be-announced We are looking for partners, supporters, developers and blockchain enthusiasts for the project. All who contribute to the project with the intention of improving its long-term potential are welcome. The XTRABYTES coin is […]