Experimental branch and documentations

You’ll start seeing Github entries on what we call the experimental branch of our project. This side is a part of our new business plan. It’s a structure that’ll help Xtrabytes move forward on both the business and the development side. You all know the protection of our technology has been a major focus. In the past couple of years, we’ve opted to use patents to protect us. This has proven to be very costly and time inefficient. Our new business plan focuses on progress and delivery. We’re splitting the project into 2 sides, a community and a business branch. The community branch will focus on development, experimental technology and open source projects. It will enable our community and investors to see what we’re working on, and people to cooperate with Borzalom and our devs on different parts of technology. The business side of things will be closed source. This side is aimed at stability and will work with fixed employees. These 2 sides of the company will enforce each other, bringing us continuity, protection, community engagement and much more.
As you know, we’ve been working our way through documenting our technology in order to be able to present ourselves to investors. We’re currently going through document 4 out of 4, our documentation team has been working hard to build these. We’re also actively working on our business plan. What we shared in this message is just a top level view of our structure. We will be sharing a more detailed post when the business plan has been finished. The upcoming developments are in preparation for the coin merger. This is an important step for Xtrabytes. We also have an upcoming third party review of our technology. As we’ll be finishing up on the documentation, we’ll also be looking at approaching investors for our seed investor round soon. We’re confident that our technology and new business plan will attract investors. The financial plan focuses on development at first, we want to build and finalize our technology so we can launch our network and show the world what we’re made of. Our team is solid, our experience tells us what to do and our confidence will allow us to do it. In order to gain the most, you have to know how to convert the negatives into positives.
The Team

Gateway Waves plateform

Hi @everyone. Some time ago, Borzalom created a gateway that allowed investors to deposit and withdraw XBY and XFUEL onto the Waves platform. By using this system ((in combination with a patched client) we were able to exercise some control over the coins and thus guarantee their safety as well. Indeed, we were able to restore coins that would have otherwise been lost on several occasions. However, we’ve always viewed this gateway as a temporary solution (at least until we launch X-CHANGE). Currently, Borzalom maintains the gateway and client on our servers. As the volume on Waves has been very low, we’ve been reviewing the costs associated with this gateway on our servers. We’re also taking analyzing the time and effort needed to maintain it.
For instance, everytime Waves makes a platform adjustment, we must rework and resync the gateway to make sure it’s fully compatible with our servers again. Since, Borzalom is the only person who can make these adjustments, he must necessarily pause his work on PoSign and the lite -network. And as you might guess, Waves is not a top priority for us at present. Given the upcoming changes to our project, we’ve decided to stop maintenance on the Waves gateway. This change will help reduce our monthly costs and optimize the time spent on development.
Accordingly, we’ve set February 6th as the last day anyone can deposit or withdraw XBY or XFUEL on the Waves DEX. Again, this is to free up server resources for development and lets Borzalom focus on his main work. What this means for you: if you have XBY or XFUEL on Waves, please withdraw your coins before February 6th! After this date, you will no longer be able to withdraw any XBY or XFUEL coins that remain on Waves! Please note that we will have guides and a technical support team in place in case you need help.
The Team

Chain  swap

In light of the fundamental changes that will take effect with an upcoming chain swap, we are no longer accepting new node registrations. However, keeping the registered nodes will simplify the swap process for the coins that are locked in those nodes. Additionally, any deprecated information regarding XBY, XFUEL may change depending on the new economic. As the conditions are still being worked out and susceptible to change, we cannot share any of these details with the public yet
The Team