Cobinhood Encourages A Community Effort

Getting added to new exchanges is an important step for any coin in the crypto world. It helps make the cryptocurrency easier to buy and sell. New listings also bring a significant amount of new exposure to a project. XTRABYTES is certainly no exception, and with that in mind, the XBY community has begun a campaign to get this coin listed on the Cobinhood exchange.

This is being done through the Cobinhood Canny page. Canny is a system that allows companies to solicit feedback from customers. Cobinhood has a Canny page where exchange users can make recommendations on what features they would add, changes they would make, or coins they want to be listed.

As of this writing, dozens of coins have requests to be added to Cobinhood.  Through Canny, users can go and vote for the coins they want to be listed. While there is no guarantee that Cobinhood will take action on these votes, they can be expected to pay attention to user’s posts (as they wouldn’t otherwise pay for the Canny service).

Why Cobinhood is a Great Fit

While being added to any exchange has positive implications, Cobinhood is a particularly good fit for XTRABYTES. A somewhat newer exchange, Cobinhood began launching live production sites in mid-December. They are a zero-fee exchange, which means being on this site will allow people to buy and sell XBY without any extra costs. Having no fees is helping to attract thousands of traders to Cobinhood, many of whom would undoubtedly be interested in a cutting-edge project like XTRABYTES.

Cobinhood’s modest size is another advantage for XTRABYTES. Given XBY’s present development, deliberately waiting to be added to a major exchange will maximize the benefit of being listed. It’s also prudent for this new technology, at least until its in live production or has passed further testing. The XTRABYTES development team has provided additional reasons for why they’re waiting on applying to larger exchanges (which you can read about here)

With Cobinhood, however, XBY can get a nice boost in exposure now and benefit from its steady growth in the near future. This really does present a unique opportunity for XTRABYTES.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help get XBY listed on Cobinhood, visit the Canny page here and follow these simple instructions:

      • Click the up arrow near the page title
      • Log in or sign up for an account – its simple, free, and quick
      • Consider leaving a comment on why you want XTRABYTES added to Cobinhood

Cobinhood currently displays more than 1150 upvotes for XTRABYTES. In addition, it features several hundred comments about XBY as well (putting XBY at the very top of the list of requests for Cobinhood).  The next closest cryptocurrency is a request to have Lamden (TAU) added, and that has 1031 votes and just 136 comments. Ultimately, having everyone in the XBY community vote and comment on this page not only ensures that XBY will stay in the lead, it draws greater attention from both the Cobinhood team and the general public as well. 

Would you like to know more?

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