A Productive Year Comes To An End

While many people are happy to see this year end, the XTRABYTES team can at least take pride at having made tremendous strides this year. That includes releasing the XCITE Mobile App, XCITE Desktop (Beta Release), and STATIC node registration. Nonetheless, the team is still coming to grips with Dave’s unexpected passing. 

For now, we’re regrouping and taking inventory on how to proceed. Our determination to succeed remains strong. Moreover, the Leadership team continues to retain control over every aspect of the project. And we’re focused more than ever on achieving Dave’s vision. 

To show just how far we’ve come in the past 12 months, I’ve created a retrospective of the past year:

In early January, we announced that XFUEL was being indexed on CoinCodex. This move provided XFUEL traders with easier access to the token’s price and trading volume.  We also provided investors with a much more extensive review of how PoSIgn (Proof-of-Signature) works. And we explained exactly why we believe XTRABYTES to be ‘Quantum-Resistant”. Finally, we let it be known that we were creating the XTRABYTES Academy – most notably as a means of explaining this new technology.

February was a momentous month for XTRABYTES. To begin with, several USA team members traveled to South Florida to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and learn more about the technology. As in Frankfurt, Florida visitors were videotaped discussing the technology after the event. 

During February, we also revealed quite a bit more about XTRABYTES technology as well. For instance, we explained why XTRABYTES is focusing on data integrity protection as a primary competitive advantage. And we explained that we had created a Genesis Network to use as a decentralized testnet.

In March, the XTRABYTES team had XFUEL listed on the CREX24 exchange.We also provided readers with a second quarter roadmap

In May, we released our long-anticipated XCITE Mobile App for beta testing. We also began to promote the XTRABYTES Academy more aggressively.  And we created a detailed explanation of how investors and developers could take advantage of XTRABYTES earnings potential. In a related move, we also began to allow new STATIC node registrations.

June provided some excitement for the casual investor. Since CREX24 was off limits to US investors, the XTRABYTES team decided to conduct a funding campaign for a new exchange placement. Eventually, the team was able to list XBY on the Probit Exchange. We also released our mobile app out of beta and conducted a new content creation campaign.

In July we ramped up the excitement a bit more with news that XTRABYTES would be featured on a Behind the Scenes, with Laurence Fishburne as a Documentary PTV Segment. With the need to ramp up our marketing, Dave hired Jesper Bentzen as XTRABYTES new Marketing Director. 

In August, we had XFUEL listed on the Probit Exchange. We also updated readers with how close we were to finalizing many network components

In mid-October we explained the connection process for how STATIC nodes would be set up. The following month (November), we provided testers with the XCITE Desktop for Windows (Beta Release). And in December, we explained how XTRABYTES will provide everyday security solutions. Shortly afterward, we received the sad news of Dave’s passing

Despite all, we look forward with high hopes to 2021. We actually have some very exciting plans now being formulated for next year! Last but not least, Merry Christmas!

The holidays are a great time to review the fundamentals of blockchain technology. The XTRABYTES Academy offers a free Blockchain Beginners  course for those interested in learning blockchain fundamentals. Academy students who take the course will be able to answer the following questions:

  • “How does a blockchain actually work?”
  • “What’s the difference between public and private blockchains?”
  • “What are the key attributes of a blockchain?”
  • “How are the key limitations of blockchain technology?”
  • “What are blockchain use cases?”
  • “What is the difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake?”
  • “How does a blockchain explorer work?”
  • “How do you build your own blockchain?”
  • “What does blockchain immutability mean?”

Take our Blockchain Beginner course and learn to speak like an expert on the technology!

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