CoinCodex: An Emerging Crypto-tracker

Crypto investors now have a new website to peruse and keep up-to-date on their coins. By collecting data from over 200 exchanges, CoinCodex currently displays real-time prices and historical charts for over 5000 coins.

CoinCodex also provides users with a watchlist for their favorite cryptocurrencies as well as a portfolio feature for closer tracking. In addition, their  ICO calendar is also helpful to traders seeking to learn about upcoming token sales.  And CoinCodex users can access these features on either their PC or mobile.


Conceptualized by an innovative team headed by co-founder David Cernuta, intends to compete against CoinMarketCap and similar listing sites. To do so, they’ve created a highly interactive interface that enables users to seamlessly monitor their investments.  For each coin, the site provides historical charts and a full description alongside its price, volume, and market cap.

The homepage allows users to sort coins by a variety of options, including price, price change, and volume. Users can also create their own watchlist of coins that interest them. Finally, information can be found on ICOs as users can track ICO token prices, release dates, and ROI.

In all, the website has put a premium on providing an exceptional user experience. As CoinCodex co-founder David Cernuta has stated:

“We believe we’re the most user-friendly website when compared to the market leaders and we’re looking forward to first user impressions and feedback”.

Mobile App

Like the website, the mobile app displays sharp interactive graphs and a sleek dashboard. It also displays a highly intuitive user-interface, allowing new users to easily navigate its many features.  he available features on their app include:

Features of CoinCodex

Illustration of Various Features Available Within CoinCodex Mobile Application

As with the website, the mobile app provides users with a charting option so they can keep updated on the industry’s most prominent cryptocurrencies (visit to get all the details). Their mobile app is available to download both on IOS and Android.

Social Media

Aside from charting options, CoinCodex informs users about the most recent cryptocurrency news via their Twitter account – through both a regular news feed and coin specific news feed. They can also be found on facebook at

Coincodex News Feature

The CoinCodex news feed can be found at @coincodex on twitter. Coin-specific News Feed is also available within the mobile app.

The Future

Numerous additional features are planned to be rolled out in the coming weeks. As David Cernuta notes:

“It is suitable for both crypto enthusiasts and expert investors and we believe it will soon become the industry standard among cryptocurrency charting firms”.

The XTRABYTES Connection

CoinCodex is among the first crypto-tracking platforms to accurately track and chart XBY related data. Unlike other platforms, CoinCodex incorporates XTRABYTES token data from both the CREX24 CEX and the WAVES DEX. CoinCodex details pertaining to XBY token data can be found here.

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