In Memory of Dave

Dear Team Members and Community Members, 

It is our unfortunate duty to bring you some sad news. A couple of weeks ago, our founder, team member, and friend Dave Bergsma (known to many of you as CCRevolution) was admitted to a hospital to undergo surgery for a long-standing medical issue. During surgery, cancer cells were discovered for which he subsequently received treatment. Unfortunately, Dave lost his battle to this rapidly-evolving cancer and passed away on December 18 2020 at 9:45 EEST.

Dave was not only the founder of our project, he was a valued team member and a good friend to many as well. As Dave was the driving force behind our project, the team now has a duty to come together to help fulfill his vision. While Dave’s contributions to this project helped it achieve extraordinary results, his passing will not stand in the way of the project’s success. For his sake, we’re making arrangements to quickly move forward.

Although nobody expected this outcome, Dave had the foresight to share all necessary information about the project with key members of the team. While this unfortunate event will force us to make some very important decisions about the project, we want you to know that the team is determined more than ever to succeed. 

Many of you undoubtedly have a lot of questions on how we are going to move forward after this. We ask that you give us some time to make some much-needed arrangements. More announcements will follow as soon as we are able to inform you about the decisions being taken. Moreover, we will allow everyone to participate in the decisions we need input for. 

Finally, the XTRABYTES team wishes to express their deepest condolences to Dave’s family, friends, and close ones.”

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