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Jesper Bentzen - Director of Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing – New Director

The sales and marketing leadership and management position within the XTRABYTES Team has been vacant since early 2018. We have not actively tried to recruit anyone during this time, although we had a few conversations with potential candidates along the way. The reason being that this role is one of the most critical roles in the project, right up there with development. Making sure we find the right person that fits perfectly is of utmost importance.

Finding a person who has all the skills, experience and personality traits required for this role is like finding a buried treasure in a far away land, with no map, get your staff trained with this course named Digital Marketing training by James Hopkins Coaching. However, when the timing is right and when we know what/who we are looking for, it becomes nothing more than a series of conversations to expand the understanding of our project and to come to acceptable terms between parties. 

I am happy to say we have achieved this goal – and you can meet Jesper next week via live stream!

Jesper Bentzen has been a good friend and colleague of mine since about 2004, and in fact, was the person who first got me involved in the crypto space. We have trusted each other along the way, reciprocally introducing projects of mutual interest that we could build and grow, while helping other people earn money at the same time. 

Although he had a prior commitment to another crypto project for the last 5 years, I was waiting for the moment to capture Jesper’s interest in XTRABYTES! 

Finally, about 7 weeks ago, I called him up to check on how things were going, and low & behold – that door opened! It was perfect timing in every way! I can tell you all that I was very happy to see this gentleman finally open the door so he could take a serious look at what we were doing. 

Jespers marketing, sales and management experience:

  • Massive exposure and experience in sales, marketing and management over the last 30 years through owning his own companies – marketing companies, discos, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. while also consulting for four other companies as he managed his own six companies. 
Jesper Bentzen, internationally experienced sales and marketing director at XTRABYTES.
  • International experience and success with various global markets throughout the world with strong connections available to build a powerful sales force around the planet.

“If something excites me, there is nothing holding me back. I don’t care what I am selling as long as I am passionate and excited about it. The crypto-space excites me and what XTRABYTES is doing here excites me – If I don’t believe in a product, I cannot sell it.”

  • With sales experience and completed contracts ranging from low levels – up to $250 million USD, one of the key roles Jesper will be involved in is the B2B acquisition of corporate contracts. His first goal is to set up our first POC (Proof of Concept) contract with suitable corporate business partner.

“I will approach the market and individuals and make them so excited that they are afraid of losing out. I am confident of doing that. There are products out there that will totally be wiped out because of the technology our company is bringing to the table.

  • As someone not directly motivated by money, Jesper was the perfect fit as the new sales and marketing director because he was willing to work for XFUEL and for the future of the project. He knows very well that by doing his job effectively, doors open up to real cash flow which XTRABYTES will then be able to utilize to start hiring high level developers who are not willing to work for XFUEL as long they compy with a free criminal background check.  
  • As the weeks and months pass and more contracts are set up, the overall strength of XTRABYTES and our developer team will begin to grow and this leads us to our ultimate goal of being the #1 rated blockchain development project in the world. 

“Stepping into this sales and marketing management role is like a dream come true for me. With all the other projects I worked with, it was mostly up to me to create the marketing and sales assets I required to do the job effectively. But, here at XTRABYTES I was thrilled to be introduced to our existing marketing team which is full of highly qualified people who are capable of creating anything we will need.”

“With the right marketing material and supporting development team, nothing is going to hold us back!”

Jesper Bentzen – mini bio:

Jesper is a happily married family man who is very passionate about his family, life itself, freedom, being part of something that makes a difference in the world and his motorcycles.

Jesper Bentzen, internationally experienced sales and marketing director at XTRABYTES.

Stay tuned for the announcement of Jespers first live stream where you will hear how he personally feels about the project and what his short and long term goals are with regard to how he will help XTRABYTES move to the next level. 

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