XCITE™ Desktop: Beta Release!


We’re happy to announce that the new XCITE Desktop app is ready for a beta release! (for Windows users only, Mac and Linux will follow)! The app provides an intuitive interface for storing, tracking, and managing crypto assets. Like our XCITE Mobile app, the XCITE Desktop app will provide users with a variety of future dAPPs and core-modules (i.e. X-CHAT and X-VAULT). It also sets the stage for connecting L1, L2, and L3 nodes to our Lite Network.

With the app ready to launch, we will be providing beta testers with early access to the app Sunday. If interested, visit our testgroup discord channel.

Our XCITE Desktop (Beta) will be released Sunday, 29th Nov 2020 at 2pm GMT time – 9am EST time

The screenshots below reveal the many prominent features associated with the XCITE Desktop.

The Wallet screen below reveals what users will see when they first log-in. Users will be able to view the wallet’s total balance and each coin-wallet balance.

XCITE Desktop Portfolio screen

Reminder: XBY and XFUEL (and to an extent Testnet) are active wallets. However, BTC and ETH are view-only. The total monetary amount includes all 4 coins. (TestNet has no monetary value)

The “Address Book-contact” screen displays personal contact information (name, phone, etc) and is fully editable. Users can also add a wallet to any contact.

XCITE Desktop Address Book

The Settings screen provides currency options for dollar, euro, or pound. Users also have the capability to set up a pin code as a security precaution (for sending coins, making a backup). We have also created settings for notification sounds and notification volume.

XCITE Desktop Settings screen

The “Wallet Backup” screen displays a user’s public and private key along with a QR code for each one. To make a backup, users can either take a screenshot of the QR code or copy-paste it using the copy-paste icon (in QR code’s lower right-hand corner)

XCITE Desktop Backup screen

Our Console screen (similar to a developer box) enables users to view transaction logs, what is happening on the backend etc.

XCITE Desktop Applications Console screen

As an added bonus, the XCITE Desktop can be used to create paper wallets. Paper wallets serve to back up your keys or create a gift wallet. Note: we also have a dedicated button for generating a graphic-paper wallet on the QR code screen.

XCITE Desktop Paper Wallet screen

Finally, we will be adding a new feature designed to make mass payments easier (as shown below).

XCITE Desktop Advanced Transaction screen

We thank Stelios and Schnee for creating these extraordinary graphic user interface designs!

About Our XCITE Icons

XCITE Desktop buttons

As depicted above, our XCITE Desktop app includes a few command buttons that are non-standard and non-intuitive. However, we developed them this way to ensure consistency over three platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux). The buttons are made visible when users hover over the three dots at the bottom of every screen.

As you might expect, clicking the left command button returns the user to the previous screen (within the wallet). Clicking the middle command button allows the user to move the window about (users must hold the left button on the mouse down). Finally, clicking the right command button allows the user to minimize their screen.

As an added bonus, the final version will allow users to zoom in (make the screen larger) or zoom out (makes it screen smaller) by using the ctrl+up arrow or ctrl+down arrows, respectively.

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