If you follow our updates regularly, you would already be aware that we had our recent team meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, between 20-23 September, 2019. This is a significant step for the XTRABYTES™ project as many additional team members signed the NDA agreement, thus enabling themselves to learn about the XTRABYTES platform, share their feelings through testimonials and work in the background without needing to wait until Patent Pending Status.

The following portion of this blog-post contains testimonials from our XTRABYTES team members who signed the NDA and learned about the technology behind our platform. Please understand that many of our team members are not native speakers of English. The copy team didn’t edit any of the testimonials in order to retain their originality.

Photo of Marcus, Manager of Moderation at XTRABYTES

Name: Marcus
Discord: MarcusRG#4388
Title: Manager of Moderation

The last two days will remain as one of the most memorable days of my entire life. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet all the people that I have been working with for almost two years. Their enthusiasm and passion for this project is immense and we had great discussions until the late night hours.

It was also exciting to finally see a more detailed description about the technology and to hear Zoltan himself speaking about it. He is an absolutely smart guy with a very good sense of humor and despite his hearing difficulties, the communication with him was flawless. Even though I always knew that the technological concept of XTRABYTES will be a game changer in the blockchain industry, my expectations were still exceeded after the in-depth introduction to certain parts of the technology. The possibilities are endless and it is definitely worth the wait to have the technology protected by the patents.

Even though not everyone of you had the privilege to attend this wonderful meeting, don’t forget that all of you are part of this journey. A strong community is and always will be a key player in this process. To show our gratitude, we came up with some ideas to appreciate your support.

Photo of David from XTRABYTES

Name: David
Discord: David (Chuggs)#4031
Title: Marketing Coordinator

I’m not highly technical but being from an IT Project Management background and having worked on multi million £ projects for FTSE businesses, I do have a general understanding and especially of process and how things work (I also have Business Analyst experience). I can therefore say that I 100% agree with whats been said and what we are bringing to the blockchain space is truly special and delivers to client needs and has the potential to solve a number of problems experienced by business as well as delivering a platform for P2P dAPPs.

The team of people delivering this to you and the market are not only very intelligent, driven individuals but also a great bunch of really nice people that in my opinion really want to deliver for XTRABYTES and the great community that’s supported this project for some time (and also happens to be where most of this team originates from).

One thing that hasn’t had much mention are the patents and being under NDA I cant say too much about – but i can say that they are real and having seen the way they’ve evolved over the last year can see why they’ve taken the time they have and can see (with hindsight) the gaps that Golden working with Borz have filled to make this so much clearer to the legal team. I also want to thank Dave for being as resilient as he is having faced a fair few challenges.

All exceptionally impressive. We were working hard but are now all working even harder with a much stronger motivation to deliver for us all.

Photo of Chris

Name: Chris
Chris (Hennessy)#7023
Title: Sound Designer

For me it was a big learning experience about XTRABYTES and also blockchain in general. I don’t have a technical background so sometimes it was hard for me to follow the complexity of our technology but this was not a problem because everybody took the time to explain some parts to me in a way that even I can understand. Golden especially did a excellent job in this.

I can now understand why everybody that already knew the details is so excited about. This is really something special we have here. I know you hear this over and over again but it is 100% true.

This weekend was also a really important one for me as a graphic team member. Because it was impossible for us to create content to describe how PoSign works. Signing the NDA takes away these roadblocks. This means that we can now start working on educational videos that everybody will understand. To close this off I just want to add that I feel grateful that I’m a part of the XBY family and it really is a family. I will remember this weekend for the rest of my life. We set the foundation for the company to push it to the next level. I know it’s been a long and bumpy road so far, but if you can just give us some more time I know you won’t regret it

Together with all of you we will rock the industry to its core and go to places nobody is even thinking about right now.

Imagination will be the only limitation

Photo of Yana from XTRABYTES

Name: Yana
Finance Manager

Hello for everyone! I am not a person who can make long speeches or letters, I more prefer numbers 🙂 But I want to share with you my feelings and most important things what I saw in Frankfurt. In my country we say “Moscow build not in one day”, we say this when we talk about something huge, successful and what can change your future, but what needs hard work . The same I can say about this project. Behind this project are people with fire and passion in heart, with professionalism and deep knowledge. All of them in one wave. XTRABYTES technology and these guys will change the world . Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this.

Всем привет! Я не из тех, кто пишет длинные посты. Я больше люблю работать с цифрами

Но, я хочу поделиться с Вами эмоциями и наиболее важными моментами, которые я увидела во Франкфурте. У нас говорят: “Москва не сразу строилась “. Нет необходимости объяснять, что это значит. Аналогию могу провести с XTRABYTES. Это фундаментальный и очень трудоёмкий проект. Команда, которая работает над данным проектом – профессионалы, знатоки и фанаты своего дела, с блеском в глазах и огнем в сердце

готовы решить любую задачу. Эти ребята и данная технология изменит мир. Не упустите возможность стать частью этого.

Photo of Ilias from XTRABYTES

Name: Ilias
Graphics Designer

After a very exciting weekend that our team had, I am in position to share with you my thoughts and feelings about this project.

Most of you are able to understand that this project is not a promise anymore. And if for some of you is still a promise, even after all of these great XTRABYTES testimonials and the fact that after two and a half years we are here without having an ICO but with a team stronger than ever; it’s not a promise at least for me because after 2 years of hard work, I was able to attend and learn how this technology can be revolutionary and what’s the differences from others’ consensus. Because it maybe hard to believe that the current blockchain problems will be solved from our consensus, but that is only a part of what XTRABYTES can do, of what WE can do. And by saying WE, I mean our great community that we have here, because we will need all of you to spread the news when the time will come; and now we are ready to work more and harder to make it happen. From my perspective, XTRABYTES will be able to let everyone do things under the blockchain technology that you never imagined of. Ok, my background is not technical but I have some knowledge that made me able to understand a lot about the overall technology and it is awesome.

I would love to talk about every person that I have met there but I want to focus on 3 very important pieces of XTRABYTES puzzle from my perspective.

  • Borzalom is a very clever and down on earth guy; and in this meeting, he had the opportunity to explain us all of the technology that he had created. And I saw on him that he doesn’t want to have the technology secret, he only wants to have it protected for everyone in this community; because after we signed our NDA’s he couldn’t stop talking about it. And even if I wasn’t able to understand every technical information he shared with me, I saw his eyes shining when he was talking about it.
  • Dave is also a nice guy and he has been trying very hard the last years to build a company environment so this technology could be available for everyone to use. It’s not easy to make so many people believe and pay their own way to the meeting city so they will see the technology. But now he has many by his side knowing what he knew all this time.
  • And last, I want to talk about the very good impression Golden made to me. I have worked with him when he was in graphic team but I didn’t know he had a so deep technical background. He explained us the technology in a very professional and easy to understand way and he was able to answer every question I had. Now I can fully understand why he has the exact place in the team and we are all grateful he is part of our team.

I could keep talking forever I think, because this meeting was more than just a milestone for us. And it’s also a confirmation for me, because I made a choice back then to believe in this project and now I know I was right at that moment. And it feels really good to be right.

Photo of Simone from XTRABYTES

Name: Simone
Discord: JokerTheBond#0380
Title: Developer

Meeting the rest of the team was something really special. Everyone is very smart and nice, and after seeing the other team members in real life I can say that the team is really solid. After many hours of explanation and deep dive into the technology and future plans for the company we also had the time to take a break and have some fun… a chance to improve team bonding. I think that from now on the team will work better than ever.

But of course as a “tech guy” my main focus on this meeting was to learn about the technology. I’ve waited 2 years for that moment, but I’m happy to say that it was worth the wait! I approach every crypto related project with a skeptical mindset, and XTRABYTES was no exception to that. This weekend I followed the whole explanation of the technology in an objective way because I wanted to see with my eyes if it was really something that good or if it could have any problems or flaws. But I have to say that after the whole explanation and after having asked many questions I’m really impressed to see how good this is. Of course I will keep studying and researching on it in the next days because it is something so huge that it’s not easy to understand 100% in only one weekend.

We can’t predict the future, but XTRABYTES surely has the potential to be a real game changer!

Photo of Tuukka

Name: Tuukka

I have really enjoyed reading other XTRABYTES testimonials and it has been nice to see that other team members saw things in similar way. Others from the XBY-family have written really nicely phrased testimonials but I’ll be writing mine in a list format as it’s easier to collect my thoughts in this way 🙂

Key take-aways from the team meeting for me were:

  • There’s brilliant short and long term visions
  • There are ridiculously huge amount of possible use cases for our tech for organizations within any industry/domain regardless of the size of the company (I haven’t even started to think about the personal/individual use-cases). I truly believe that even the short term deliverables will have earthquake like effect.
  • I always thought that the cryptocurrency aspect of the project was the most important one, but after hearing about the technology I now realize that despite the importance of the cryptocurrency aspect, it pales in comparison with the other possibilities this technology will offer.
  • I really admire Borz’s solution as on the high level it’s relatively uncomplicated and even in the detailed level it’s still understandable.
  • It will be super interesting to see the discussions what our first release will kickstart.
  • Being able to spend time with the team and getting to know everyone on personal level made a huge difference for me

Photo of Stelios

Name: Stelios
Graphics Designer

Hi all, these are my thoughts after the great team meeting last weekend:

  • After 2 years that I am part of this wonderful team, I finally met these people face to face. They are great! Very techy-savvy people and very intelligent. For Borzalom and CCR, I have no words… they are the two people (with the support and help of the whole team) that will lead XBY to the top. It is a unique blockchain project!
  • I have good knowledge in (blockchain) technologies and I can say after signing my NDA and getting to see more about the XTRABYTES technology that is being patented, that we have something very unique that is not comparable to any existing blockchain technology. Our new consensus is very very unique, but it’s not only that, of course, hehe.
  • I can’t wait for the moment to be able to share all this info (after the patent pending) with the community. I’m sure all of you will be amazed just like me. If you ask me if it was worth the wait for 2 years, I answer YES YES YES!!! We have a lot of good things coming!
  • The challenge for me and my team (graphic designers) is now to be able to make graphics to show all of you this wonderful and unique technology. Thank you to the founders and also to all my colleagues to give me this wonderful weekend that will remain engraved in my heart and my head for all my life, I am very very proud to be part of this company because I’m sure we will cause an earthquake when we can share our tech with the public

Photo of JCPBS


I have been involved with XTRABYTES basically from the beginning. I still remember my first days, back in April 2017. Exciting days. I can’t forget when I met Zoltán and Dave the first time. Created amazing and long lasting memories. Learned how the technology worked, and how it could be applied along with what could be accomplished.

And here we are, in 2019, reaching a milestone with the Frankfurt Meeting. It filled me, as it still does, with pride. A team with such talent and passion. The mood, the vibrations, the awe, the knowledge, the teamwork, the creativity and the curiosity in all of us. The search and acceptance of new ideas. Seeing and feeling how my colleagues felt, like I felt the first time I discovered XTRABYTES’ true potential. The energy of it all coming together during the weekend, so powerful, so real. Learning the insights and vision of the XTRABYTES project created individual and team awareness, the realization of how deep the technology can reach and how it could influence our daily “global” routines, not only in theory but in practical usage.

Two major aspects that could define the XTRABYTES core technology is its real world implication (and application) and the fact that it is not limited to, and actually surpasses, the current cryptocurrency landscape, solving many of today’s technological problems.

With XTRABYTES, you don’t just imagine… you CREATE!

Avatar of FanMan

Name: FanMan
Graphics Designer

I will start by saying that I’ve never traveled abroad till now in my life and that scared me a little at the beginning. I think that almost everybody is afraid of the unknown. And because of that fear of mine about the unknown, I can fully understand our valued Community’s fears of it too. Yes, many things are still unknown to you. And this is something which may makes you afraid of the future.

But you shouldn’t be afraid. Without being able to tell much as I am now NDA bounded, I can assure you guys that the tech XTRABYTES™ possesses is unprecedented by anything else. The things we all have seen and heard and discussed during these days, along with the extraordinary patience shown from our tech savvy members in order to explain us this fantastic technology in a simple yet understandable way, has been awesome!

As for all of the amazing guys attending the meeting, I can only say one thing; apart from being an awesome lot, each one of those fine individuals brings with him a very different background and expertise that makes him -and the whole team- unique. I am at a loss of words as to how I could better explain the feelings, the mood, the excitement of us all, as the time draws near for everybody to witness the unique things set in motion as have never before seen in the blockchain industry. This thing is really huge and its potential virtually limitless!

I feel so humbled by the talent this team consists of, but also proud of myself for being a part of this unique project.

Thank you. (PS-Would you please forgive my rant, as this has been one of the most exciting times of my life.)

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