Aitheon Uses IoT, Blockchain, AI and Robotics to Create Jobs

A company called Aitheon is betting that the Ethereum blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) can be leveraged to create vast numbers of new jobs and if you have a lot of staff working from home then you need to monitor internet activity of those staff so that you can ensure that they are actually doing your work.

Aitheon’s plan is to create a blockchain platform that will enable anybody to operate; or “pilot,” robots or autonomous vehicles anywhere in the world via remote control. The pilots would earn extra cash by selling their services for Aitheon’s AIC ERC20 (Ethereum-based token).

Other positions that would be created by Aitheon’s platform; include building and selling new AI solutions as a creator, and creating digital robots or “Digibots” that would operate on the Aitheon platform. Businesses would be able to download Digibots; or tap into AI-based solutions for back-office tasks, such as accounting and payroll.

Platform would enable users to mine Ethereum-based tokens by solving AI problems

People would be able to serve as AI specialists who would take over when one of the AIs ran into a problem it could not solve, or a task it cannot handle.

A specialist might take control of a self-driving truck on a treacherous road; or deal with an accounting problem that was confusing an AI, for example. Persons that solved problems for AIs on the Aitheon platform would be able to mine AIC tokens by offering solutions.

Aitheon has very ambitious plans including selling operating systems for self-driving vehicles, and robots or “Mechbots” designed to run on its operating system. The company is even preparing its own automated store similar to Amazon Go.

A prototype of the store should be unveiled later this year, Chief Strategy Officer Ryan Burleson revealed. Applications of that technology might include a restaurant and a coffee shop.

Blockchain-Operated Robots are For Real

Aitheon’s business plan is far from a pipe dream; it has tested and demonstrated some of the technology in the real world. An autonomous Jeep Rubicon piloted by Aitheon’s system navigated at least part of the incredibly rugged Rubicon Trail in Northern California.

The Rubicon Trail is a super-treacherous 22-mile long four wheel drive trek in California’s Gold Rush country that is incredibly hard to drive on. The only thing that stopped the Aitheon Rubicon SUV from completing its road trip was a broken steering box, Burleson revealed.

A beer-pouring Mechbot operated by Aitheon’s system was on public display at Aitheon’s booth at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami on January 18 and 19. Aitheon hopes to one day put such robots to work at factories, and in coffee shops and retail stores.

Aitheon Plans to combine Blockchain, AI, Internet of Things and Gig Economy

The business plan at Aitheon is to provide large numbers of new jobs through a potent mix of the blockchain, AI, the IoT, robotics, and the gig economy. The hope of the company’s founder and CEO; Andrew Archer, is to alleviate the effects of technological unemployment with technology.

Archer; a lifelong robot fanatic, glimpsed the dark side of technology while working in the auto industry around 10 years ago. He helped install robots in car factories and saw workers attack them. The workers were afraid that they would lose their jobs.

Those experiences inspired Archer to seek ways for robots to create jobs and inspired the creation of Aitheon. The company is now working with several partners to apply Aitheon’s solutions in a number of industries. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) prevent Aitheon from disclosing the identities of most of those partners.

Aitheon and CarSmartt to Test Self-Driving vehicles

One of the first Aitheon partners revealed is the app-based sharing and delivery solution CarSmartt.

Aitheon and Carsmartt plan to test a fleet of blockchain-controlled driverless vehicles operated by AI in Miami, Las Vegas, and Italy later this year, Archer revealed. The vehicles will first be used for package delivery.

The make and model of the driverless vehicles was not revealed. Nor was a date for the beginning of the testing made public.

Aitheon Plans Token Generation Event

Aitheon is planning a public token generation event (TGE) for the AIC token this spring. A public rollout of the Aitheon platform will be held after the TGE, Burleson predicted.

Aitheon held a presale for AIC in January that was so popular second presale was held from February 2 through 5. Persons participating in the presale were able to buy AIC at a 50% discount of 17.5¢.

Individuals and businesses that bought specific amounts of AIC won the right to become Beta Testers of the Aitheon platform. For example, a business that purchased 40,000 AIC Tokens would get access to Aitheon technology.

A Person who bought 20,000 AIC Tokens could become a specialist. It would cost 70,000 AIC Tokens to become an Aitheon creator, and 300,000 ACI to participate in the pilot program.

For more details about Aitheon visit the Aitheon website:

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