DxChain Makes Big Data Fascinating Again

Big Data

Humankind is creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, much of which is collected by reputed ai services offering companies looking to improve their businesses. But not every company uses that data to its full advantage contends DxChain co-founder Allan Zhang

Which is why Zhang sees a future for his DxChain. The big data and machine learning network is powered by a “computational-centric” blockchain along with a native protocol token (DX). Its computational capabilities are achieved through a “chains-on-chain” (side-chains) architecture. DxChain clients are companies that run machine-learning algorithms on big data to obtain actionable business intelligence. 

The Blockchain’s Data Storage & Computational Limits

In a recent interview, Zhang suggested that so much data analysis today focuses on the question of “what” is happening rather than “why.” However, he believes moving beyond the “what” and into the “why” helps companies better understand their customers. He also believes that delving into the why enables better business decision-making when in data analysis. 

Zhang also suggests that blockchain’s data storage and computational capabilities will fundamentally change the nature of the internet. And yet, as Zhang observes, no one specific blockchain has yet to solve the problems posed by big data storage and computation needs. Indeed, he points out that most blockchains only provide transaction-related computations and are unable to run more general level computations (as blockchains can only store small datasets in its ledger).

DxChain’s Chains-on-Chain Solution

Zhang asserts that DxChain’s unique capabilities can solve this problem. It’s structured to provide parallel computations, machine learning applications, and business intelligence support. As stated above, the secret sauce is DxChain’s system infrastructure, as it uses a chains-on-chain framework.

In particular, its master chain facilitates transaction-related operations while coordinating two side-chains as well (reserving one such sidechain to execute parallel computations and another for storage and support). By utilizing side-chains, DxChain dramatically increases its capacity for resolving data storage, computational blockchains, and privacy issues. 

Using Hadoop With The Blockchain

Today, only a handful of large enterprises have the capacity to perform big data analysis. Most enterprises cannot afford to scale their hardware appropriately, let alone obtain the widespread consumer data needed for such analysis.

DxChain intends to change this by combining Hadoop technology with the decentralized nature of the blockchain. Together, they promise to solve the distributed storage and computation issues that currently exist in multi-center environments. Zhang believes that DxChain technology will eventually disrupt the information monopolies currently held by today’s tech giants. As such, he believes it will help the internet become less unipolar and more multi-dimensional.

4 Interesting Applications

1) Expect DxChain to be exceptionally helpful in a Smart Cities environment, where large data sets are submitted for machine learning analysis.

2) Dxchain’s utility in machine learning analysis will even extend to generating business intelligence reports and guiding critical business decisions.

3) DxChain combined with machine learning will also enable healthcare vendors to build their own AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs to monitor patients’ health and critical vital signals.

4) With DxChain, developers will also be able to build machine-learning dapps (decentralized application) on their network. These dapps would define specific smart contract criteria with regard to data collection (what data is to be collected- and at what price – and from which devices) before sending such data io the DxChain blockchain.

However, these applications just scratch the surface. DxChain technology offers several more fascinating possibilities, many yet unexplored. At present, the DxChain Tokens’ total supply is 100 Billion tokens. Currently, DxChain Tokens can be purchased only on Bilaxy, IDEX, Gate.io, LBank, and as blockchains.

To learn more about DxChain, click on dxchain.com

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