XFUEL Christmas Giveaway for Day 5

Christmas Giveaway Period: Day 5

Time Period: 14:00 GMT December 16th, 2019  – 12:00 GMT December 17th , 2019

Fact: More than 20 of our team members have signed NDAs before being exposed to the revolutionary technology behind the XTRABYTES Platform. Testimonials are available on our blog.


  • Follow our Official Twitter Page
  • Like and Retweet our Day 5 Giveaway Tweet with appropriate hashtags mentioned in our tweet.
  • Submit your entry through this form with screenshots showing your follow, XFUEL address comment. You should upload all your screenshots into a single imgur url and type the url in our entry submission form. Guide on uploading images to imgur is available here.

NOTE: Those who participated in the Day 1 Twitter Giveaway are welcome to participate in today’s entries!

Winners Announcement:

Links of Interest:

  • XFUEL Wallet Download and Guide can be found in our main announcement. Please follow the guidelines to obtain a public XFUEL address. Please make sure to have to retain a copy of the private key or wallet backup for your public XFUEL address.

Rules can be found in our main announcement.

Completed Contests

Christmas Giveaway Day 1

Christmas Giveaway Period: Day 1

Fact: XTRABYTES™️ current consensus algorithm is called “PoSign Lite”. We are working towards patent protection of PoSign, the full version of our novel technology.

Christmas Giveaway Day 2

Christmas Giveaway Period: Day 2

Fact: XTRABYTES™️ is “Code Agnostic”, allowing third-party developers to create Dapps in the coding language of their choice.

Christmas Giveaway Day 3

Christmas Giveaway Period: Day 3

Fact: XTRABYTES™️ will solve the “Blockchain Trilemma” by achieving decentralization while delivering scaleability, security and speed!

Christmas Giveaway Day 4

Christmas Giveaway Period: Day 4

Fact: XTRABYTES™️ PoSign algorithm has an extremely low carbon footprint. Once fully implemented, we will test for the lowest carbon footprint rating in the world of cryptography.

Thank you to everyone participating in our Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway promotion. It is the season of giving and we are happy to report that additional XFUEL has been donated by the community and some team members. Depending upon donations, we will continue to add to the final prizes for the Christmas Giveaway.

As the holiday period approaches, we wish you a safe and happy time with all the people that you love.

Would you like to know more?

We don’t just publish articles, XTRABYTES™ is a whole new blockchain platform that allows DApps to be programmed in any language, utilizing a new consensus algorithm called Proof of Signature. In doing so, XTRABYTES™ presents a next – generation blockchain solution capable of providing a diverse set of capabilities to the general public.

You can learn more on our website where you can also help to spread the word through our bounty program and get rewarded in XFUEL™, or join our community and hop into the discussion right now!

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