Introducing XFUEL for XBY Development

XFUEL is not a substitute for XBY, simply a new means to promote XBY development. As XBY Founder CCR explains….
“XFUEL is strictly for development.. XFUEL will be traded for XBY on the X-CHANGE. This puts XBY in the hands of the the developers and helpers and puts XFUEL in the hands of whoever buys (or earns obviously)… and then the XFUEL can be used at max 33% (approx) for the deposit for STATIC nodes.New Video below

About John Potter

Copy Manager for XTRABYTES' Marketing Department since October 2017 (and XBY hodler since June 2017). John's earned degrees include an MBA, MA , and MLIS. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn via [email protected]


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