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The big talk on the street these days is about about the Ethereum and NEO platforms; but it’s likely XTRABYTES will be the single biggest platform. It’s not only the single most scalable platform, but also secure as if a hacker were to gain access; you could simply shut down the node until the network was once again secure from my understanding, and has the ability to add modules or as we call them today, applications, onto it’s ecosystem both seamlessly and in a unique way in any programming language.

The incredible part of all of this is that any software can easily be merged or converted to become part of the platform, seamlessly, so there is no need for any sort of special programming language or anything new to learn. From what I’ve gathered with taking to the board, you can use Java, Python, C++, C, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, VB, and many others.

The greater part of all of this is for those who have purchased nodes in the early stages will later on collect service fees for the applications used across the platform and and also to the application developers; so decentralized applications can make money by simply plugging into the core ecosystem; which is a huge game changer as currently there is no other cryptocurrency, from my understanding (and please correct me below if I’m wrong); that will do this.

This will eliminate the need for ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, as applications will literally thrive or die by the people using them. The platform itself will become a kind of democratic voting process as to which applications will survive, and which will be cancelled out to their own.

The cost of XTRABYTES, in my opinion – and I am not anywhere near an expert; could go well past and maybe even take on Bitcoin due to the sudden surge in value of itself as it will not only be a coin, but a live, breathing platform.

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