Creating an XBY Wallet for Mac: Short Version

Mac Wallet instructions by @epicookiez


  1. Download wallet from the official Github Repo:
  2. Wait for the download to finish, then open the “xtrabytes-Qt-OSX–v1202.dmg” file
  3. Move the application “” to your Applications Folder
  4. From the Application Folder start your wallet for the first time (or just hit
    ⌘ + space, search for “xtrabytes” and launch it with Enter
  5. Wait for the mac wallet to start up and finish syncing with the blockchain
  6. Ready to use

Make sure to always backup your Wallet.dat file and Private Keys. As well as encrypting the Wallet with a strong password

See also

Wallet Backup Instructions
1. Start the wallet software, go to File and click ‘Backup Wallet’.

2. Select a location and give the backup a name. Press Save. You may wish to change the filename to something else that lets you know which coin it belongs to (important if you have multiple backups for different coins!) For example, ‘xbywallet.dat’. You’ll need to rename this back to wallet.dat if you ever restore it.

That’s it! Make sure to keep this backup file in a safe place. Preferably in multiple places!

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