We are looking for partners, supporters, developers and blockchain enthusiasts for the project. All who contribute to the project with the intention of improving its long-term potential are welcome.

The XTRABYTES coin is essentially a utility. The coin is inextricably linked to the success of the network and its services, as it will be utilized within transactions to purchase services and compensate providers. As the applications on the platform are utilized by Community Members or the General Public, it will create a further value for holders of the coin due to demand by powering the system.

XTRABYTES is a community coin, the developers and board members are investors right alongside the general public. We rely upon a vibrant community as our source for ideas, inspiration, and contributions, and we welcome new members with open arms. Transparency and inclusion are among our core values. We aren’t interested in hype, and are not looking to make a quick profit—we are in it for the long haul and seek to create lasting value. We are looking for fellow coin enthusiast like ourselves.

About John Potter

Copy Manager for XTRABYTES' Marketing Department since October 2017 (and XBY hodler since June 2017). John's earned degrees include an MBA, MA , and MLIS. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn via [email protected]