Looking Back…..At How XTRABYTES Started
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Do you remember your first contact with Xtrabytes? How it all started? I was inspired that a group of investors looked at the situation they were in (having been victims of a scam) and decided to do something positive about it. The narrator of this video (Dave) lays it all out quite clearly and with a fascinating story midway through:

My only regret is not running across this coin earlier so I could afford a Static Node…but its best to look at your luck rather than thinking about what you don’t have!

Now we’re getting sophisticated looking trailers. Let the excitement build!

About John Potter

Copy Manager for XTRABYTES' Marketing Department since October 2017 (and XBY hodler since June 2017). Former Tech Librarian now knee deep into blockchain technology. MBA MA MLIS. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn via [email protected]