The Belgium Testimonials

Upon completion of the Belgium meetings, we decided that we would withhold the names and testimonials of the unknown individuals who joined us, signed NDA’s and received some exposure to POSIGN and other parts of the XTRABYTES™ technology.

In this industry, amongst the games played, we have learned to hold our cards close to our chest and play them at opportune times. Today, we feel this is a very good time as we continue to move forward in the direction of patent pending status and prepare to meet with European Team Members this coming weekend.

In doing so, we felt it would be excellent reading content to also include the statements by Golden and Danny, along with MrDuesenberg and Johan in our Discord which were posted soon after the Belgium meetings concluded.


I have to tell you guys, this is much bigger than I expected, this is something completely different than what we have seen so far. I can’t wait for when we can share this with everyone so they can finally see what the vision is behind all this. The possibilities are endless.

It’s been both an exciting and exhausting 4 days. Everyone is back home or on their way home. I can’t thank @CCRevolution  and @Borzalom  enough for the privilege and trust they gave me and the rest of the team members to share this very exciting information with us. For me it was both mentally and intellectually challenging because there was so much to take in but after being exposed to all this information I am even more convinced that what we have here is more than worth the wait.

Regarding a question about Zoltan: he is a very smart guy, he was able to answer any of the questions and challenges I had immediately with a more than satisfying answer. He did not need to think or hesitate on any of the answers he gave. His knowledge about distributed ledger technology is very vast. But besides that he is a very down to earth and enjoyable person who enjoys the same things we all do.

It took me the better part of the first 2 days to get an understanding of the basic  principals but once I got there it was easy to understand the specifics of the separate parts.

It has the potential to compete with any of the projects out there, and by any, I do mean any. And based on what I have seen we can do it better than them.

I think around 30 minutes into Borz’s explanation it began to dawn on me how different it is and what impact it could have. But it took me quite some time to see the full picture. And now I can’t stop thinking of ways this could be used to solve issues that exist now.

It’s much bigger than everyone is expecting.


Both Golden and myself got a very thorough explanation from Zoltan about POSIGN and parts of the other patents, this because in the end all the patents will form the complete xtrabytes ecosystem. So a grand overview was needed.

The second day we started with reviewing the patent papers which came back from the lawyers, so to answer the questions some of you had, we have seen the patents and are going over them word by word.

I can tell you guys that I now fully understand where the complexity and the long time already needed to get to this point where coming from, because it’s complex and it’s a lot.

Just like Golden I was amazed with a lot of factors because it extends way further than I expected so far. I can say without any doubt now that we are going to deliver a game changing / revolutionary technology which will be a new milestone not just for us but will be a new level of data chains overall.

The possibilities developers will have with our tech will be almost unlimited which makes my developer heart go faster.

Regarding a question about Zoltan: Even due to his hearing disability he is able to talk to us in a slow but understandable English. His ideas and experience are inspiring. I told Dave this already at the end of day two that I have only met a handful of people in my life before which are being able to answer all the questions we had ( and we had a lot regarding all aspects also in comparison with existing techs ) in a blink of an eye even without the need to think things over. In all of his explanations he is pointing out flaws in current coins and is comparing that to the new tech. It’s more than obvious the claims that were made before about him studying and having extensive knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency are all valid.

First public team picture: CCRevolution, Golden, Danny and Borzalom


Just came back from the meeting in Belgium: I couldn’t agree more with @Danny , the tech is unprecedented and well thought. During this meeting, I realized that this series of ideas that Borz, Dave and the team are capturing in writing is a concept that is so much bigger than just a coin. Or a smart contract. The richness of functionality this technology offers is so different we might even need a new word for it. Looking at the complexity of this invention I now see the importance of the patent application.  Our patience will be worth it.


I was briefed a bit on it on the tech after my arrival in Belgium, and in the evening as well. Have to admit, I am the least technical (as in blockchain tech) manager in the team. I have my own expertise 😉

It was a lot of info to process, and I seriously had a moment that my brain froze up from all the input that I had to process. I was VERY impressed with what I have heard those 2 days. I need a bit of time now to get briefed on what it all can do exactly and it will mean exactly, because it is so groundbreaking and complex to understand. It is way beyond what I had imagined.

But the main parts I had an image with what it can do and what kind of impact it can have in the future…pretty amazing! Revolutionary, yes! 1 of a kind tech, yes! Groundbreaking, yes!

I looked at the patents also, those are extreme technical documents indeed. And now I absolutely get why this whole process took so long.


A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to join the first XBY meeting in Belgium. I gladly accepted this opportunity and went off on a Sunday evening to see Borz, Dave, Golden, Tim and other team members (who I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting during the Amsterdam event last year). I was happy to see the guys again, but I have to be honest and say that meeting Borz and discussing the technology with him, was for me the highlight of the evening. The evening was a long one, but it still felt way too short due to all the things that we wanted to do and discuss. I did sign the NDA and afterwards we discussed the technology and had an intense Q and A session (which lifted the veil on the tech). After these initial tech talks, I can only second Golden and Danny’s opinion regarding the tech possibilities. Looking forward to the next company meeting to continue our talks and developments.


I had the pleasure of being part of the meeting in Belgium on the 7th of July. I met Borzalom and Dave for the first time. The other team members that were there I had met previously at the Amsterdam meeting. Although I wasn’t part of the deep dive into the technology like some of the other people, I did sign my NDA and was given an overview about POSIGN and some other parts of the tech in general. I can confirm the patent documents are being worked on, but my legal English isn’t that great, so it was difficult for me to interpret the descriptions. Then today, the 2nd of August, I had a meeting with Golden for a deep dive into POSIGN. I can only agree with what Golden and Danny have already said. The technology goes so much further than I could have foreseen. And it’s difficult to compare it to anything or say anything without talking about what is being patented. A big thank you to Golden for taking the time to give me a private session and explaining POSIGN to me.


Additionally, at the end of the meeting we recorded a video with the founders and Danny. If you have not already seen it, we invite you to do so now.

As mentioned above, this weekend we will have our largest team meeting to date. This will surely be a momentous event which will bond our team even more than it already is and will give everyone an opportunity to look deeper into what XTRABYTES™ is truly all about.

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