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What are the graphic design team’s responsibilities?

The graphic design team creates all the content used in XTRABYTES™ marketing efforts. This content includes visuals for our social media platforms, related logo designs actually Tim with Magnify Signs suggests a 3d Letter sign for a professional appearance that makes you’re branding pop and blog articles. We also create XCITE™-related designs, collaborate with developers on UI/UX, and support the XTRABYTES™ website design team. In addition, we provide needed support whenever the company requires additional design or graphic content.

At present, we’re ramping up our production capabilities in motion graphics design, 3D animations, video productions, and sound fx/music productions. We’re also creating a new Visuals & Audio team to handle these tasks. This team is already in full development made and has made several short videos.

What has the graphics team achieved so far?

We’ve made significant design changes to the XTRABYTES™ website, several social media platforms, and the XTRABYTES™ Today Blog. We have even revamped the Discord announcement displays. For the past few months, we’ve been focused on the XCITE UI/UX, mobile wallet design mockups, helpdesk promo and support videos, social media banners, blog articles headers, logo rebranding, and… did I mention the new website design? And that is merely our more prolific work.

The aforementioned tasks are being executed by an increasingly professionalized team. For instance, the typical designer’s skill level has become both more specialized and exceptional in quality. We expect to add other design specialties soon – like 3D motion graphics specialists, a UI/UX design specialist, a video editor, as well as a voice over/narrator and sound fx/music producer for the next level XTRABYTES™ content.

Where does the team see themselves in the future?

We believe XTRABYTES will be highly respected within the blockchain industry fairly soon. We also believe the company’s graphics design team is becoming known for its high-quality content (video, motion graphics, and still imagery). As the entire graphics team continues to evolve on a daily basis, I expect its capabilities to grow exponentially,

Our goal is to ‘kick some ass’ in the crypto world with regard to the design side of things. Since we’re already attracting attention on that front, I expect growing waves of interest as we continue to showcase our efforts. We will succeed in our goal, 100%! We’re but one team with one mission!

That sense of dedication is apparent in all other teams working for XTRABYTES™ as well. Indeed, our ongoing collaborative efforts with these other teams have helped solidify this dedication.

What do team members like about their job?

Design team members should answer this question directly. So below are several comments made by individual team members about why they like their job.

Goldeneye (Lead UI/UX Designer):
When I saw that XTRABYTES was recruiting new graphic designers, I jumped at the chance. It was the perfect way to combine my interest in blockchain technology with my desire to engage in graphic design. The XTRABYTES team gave me the opportunity to grow and develop. They started me off as a junior designer, albeit one who needed to update skills mastered 15 years ago. So I was given time to get reacquainted with the tools needed for the job. I began working on smaller designs and gradually moved upward. The nice thing about working at XTRABYTES is that you get rewarded if you deliver. And that is how I was promoted to expert designer.

Being an expert designer meant that I could work on larger designs and become more involved in their underlying aspects. By showing my enthusiasm and involvement, management rewarded me with a promotion to senior designer. This position meant I could take the lead on the design aspects of several projects entrusted to me. It also allowed me to work more closely with my fellow designers. They not only turned out to be excellent at their jobs but very cool guys as well. Thus, the time I spend working with them on any one project is very gratifying.

However, my most significant opportunity was yet to come. That occurred when I was asked to become part of the UI/UX team and help design the ‘face’ for XTRABYTES. For me, this was a chance to create designs that would be viewed worldwide (and there is nothing more fulfilling for a designer than viewing other people enjoy your creation). Being able to join the UI/UX team was a tremendous opportunity and one that has given me great pride and satisfaction. Working at XTRABYTES not only allowed me to become more creative, it has also rekindled a sense of pride in what I create (particularly since I’m able to share my creations with others).

Ilias (Senior Designer):
“I like working with my teammates most in my job. I probably wouldn’t reach this design level without their help. They have been there every time I have needed help, particularly with their on-point tips. I am confident that our design team can achieve any task requested by management (and on a high-quality level as well). While I don’t know how the other XTRABYTES teams cooperate, if they have the same team spirit and skill level as our team has… Oh my..! Hold on tight guys… !!”

Mica (Senior Designer):
“To be a competent designer requires more than technical skill. It requires being highly adaptive and in tune with your environment, as these traits inform one’s feel for a company’s global vision. These clues are hiding in plain sight. Consider how often we involuntarily assimilate visuals in society. Frequently viewed, they not only remain in our memory but impart subtle meaning as well. Logos are a prime example of this, as they’re quickly perceived by the brain, even subconsciously. Similarly, readers rarely spend much time considering the quality of an article’s banner design. Instead, the reader desires to read what interests him. However, the reader will immediately notice a missing banner design as it leaves the articles without added context.

As a designer, I fully appreciate all the steps involved in the design-creation process (researching, reflecting, drafting, and online production). Moreover, I find it very satisfying to witness positive reactions to my work (particularly when they come from my design supervisors!). Such feedback reaffirms my perspective about meeting the project’s requirements.”

FanMan (Junior Designer):
“I am very excited to work for XTRABYTES as the technology they’re set to deliver is beyond any other! Working as a designer in one of the most-promising blockchain companies around really thrills me! Superb cooperation exists between all the guys in the designers’ department and the leadership team (not to mention other departments and their leadership team). My designing skills have skyrocketed these past few months thanks to my fellow designers. They happen to be the best around! Moreover, they are thoroughly professional and always eager to help. Thank you XTRABYTES!”

STE3001 (Junior Designer):
“I like to create graphic designs for the company, first because it gives me the opportunity to create beautiful graphics with the help of my managers, and secondly because the climate that prevails on our team (and the company in general) is so amazingly positive. It fills me with energy! I like it so much that I consider it more and more like a hobby! I love opening up discord every day to check for team and company updates! Thank you, XTRABYTES.…I’m living the dream!”

Marc (Video editor/Narrator Voice-over):
“I love being involved in such a great project and such an amazing team. I truly believe in our company and what we are trying to achieve. Being able to contribute to this project using the skills I’ve gained in my professional life has given me a great amount of pride and satisfaction.”

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Closing Remarks

To close out this article, I want to give a HUGE shout-out to the team for their hard work and team spirit (not to mention the many awesome designs and productions they are making!). I’m very proud of the work that they’ve done. It’s also an honor to be the team leader for such an excellent team. Every day is a joy when professionals take their work as seriously as this team does. Frankly, they’re the best team I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I love these guys!

Sincerely, Johan.
Team leader Graphics Team

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