The Writing Team Steps Up To The Plate


What skills are required to join the writer’s team?

Writers that can produce content in a logically coherent and exciting way are very much in demand. Although seemingly straightforward, fulfilling this task is harder than one might imagine. Writers must be able to easily connect their ideas in a way that makes sense to the reader. Starting off a paragraph with a connecting phrase is an easy way to make that happen (i.e., “As a result,…”). Understanding how to segue towards a new train of thought is also remarkably helpful.

Writers must be able to convey their thoughts with clarity. While we love insightful content, editing is required if its perplexing to the reader. Simply put, any sentence the reader needs to reread likely needs editing.  Following a few simple rules can help. Writing in active voice and not employing overly long sentences is paramount. Ultimately, the best writing advice may be to “Keep it Simple and Straightforward” (the KISS principle).

What has the writing team achieved so far?

Aside from the XTRABYTES Today blog, writers generate exceptional content in other ways as well. Staff writers have been asked to create press releases, review branding guidelines, revise upcoming announcements, produce help center answers, and edit new website content. Currently, several Discord members contribute their talents to the site, including Jamo, Teioh, Reclusiarh, Bigglet, MZeil, and MLevanduski.

What challenges do staff writers face?

The most challenging issue facing writers is the pressure to produce content that adds to the conversation. Early blog posts were designed to highlight XTRABYTES™ many notable features in comparison to larger cryptocurrencies (i.e., Ethereum scalability).  However, our readers also desire more diverse and sophisticated content. As a result, we’re asking writers to produce more imaginative and thought-provoking content. While writing about technology in readable prose is itself challenging, future articles will also need to be more wide-ranging and eclectic in scope.

Allowing others to edit your content can be another sticky point. As might be expected, writers generally do not care to have their content changed. Like a painter whose finished painting is trifled with by another painter, stylistic changes can be somewhat contentious. However, writers must be willing to work with an editor to resolve problematic issues.  

Google Docs is extremely helpful in this regard, as it allows writers to make editing suggestions without losing the original content. Their version-history tool is critically important in this regard, as it reveals what recent content changes were made and by who. Best of all, writers who employ Docs can converse and come to an agreement on disputed content.

Finally, it’s relatively easy for an editor/writer to overlook grammatical errors, particularly when they’re rushing.  As blog editor, I’ve pleaded mea culpa to missing such errors in the past. As a safeguard, I now subscribe to Writers will find the site to be surprisingly helpful at catching errors (particularly those ‘hiding in plain sight’).

What’s next for the blog?

We’re not planning any new format changes at present.  Instead, our focus remains rooted in generating quality content based on bimonthly themes. Recent themes include code-agnosticism, network nodes, security challenges, financial regulations, and dapp platforms. In the future, we plan to cover consensus methods, core modules, cryptocurrency trading, and dapps creation. However, we’re broadly construing these themes so as not to forsake highly compelling content.

Finally, we’re setting aside a small budget to recruit experienced guest bloggers.  Since many crypto writers associate themselves with a specific cryptocurrency, we believe guest blogging may generate goodwill and additional cross-promotional activity.

Closing Remarks

When a planned submission falls through, another writing-team member has frequently come through with quality content. Writing team members have also remained versatile in their approach to new ideas and topics. As blog editor, I prize their dedication and teamwork. Writers who reflect such qualities and are interested in joining the team should contact John Potter at [email protected]

John Potter

XTRABYTES Copy Manager

Would you like to know more?

We don’t just publish articles, XTRABYTES™ is a whole new blockchain platform that allows DApps to be programmed in any language, utilizing a new consensus algorithm called Proof of Signature. In doing so, XTRABYTES™ presents a next – generation blockchain solution capable of providing a diverse set of capabilities to the general public.

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