The XtraPod Initiative: Interview with Alex Johnson


Alex Johnson’s new podcast XtraPod explores XTRABYTES™ ongoing development. As he is unaffiliated with XTRABYTES, the XTRABYTES Today Blog decided to interview him about his initiative.

How did you get interested in XTRABYTES™

I was already part of the crypto community in general, but my buddy recommended checking out XBY. I did a lot of research as to what the goals of Xtrabytes were and how the team aimed to be something so much better than the rest. I had been an Ethereum fan since the beginning but found its scalability to be an enduring issue. Xtrabytes was talking about solving scalability issues. So I’ve been part of the Xtrabytes community since late 2017.

How did you get involved in podcasting?

Being I am a big soccer fan, I didn’t know anybody who followed my favorite team. So I decided to create a podcast to share my love for my team with people around the world. I’ve been podcasting for about a year now.

What inspired the podcast on XBY?

Recently, I was looking at the bounties page and realized I didn’t feel like I could add any value with the methods posted. So I decided I would ask the community if they would be interested in a podcast – as it was my best bet at really contributing to the community and to the company. Both the community members and team members supported the idea. So there was a lot of enthusiasm to proceed and quickly get setup. In addition, with patent pending status quickly approaching, I believe this is the best time for a podcast to get established.

Why a podcast instead of video or text?

A podcast is an easy way to help educate new and veteran community members alike. Podcasts can be beneficial when compared to blogs or videos because they can be consumed on the go. Furthermore, they can be downloaded on a multitude of mobile apps so people don’t need an internet connection to listen.

How do you plan to respond to skeptics?

Producing content, no matter the subject brings criticism. That criticism can be aimed toward myself or the team – whether it’s a sports team or a company’s team. My goal is to bring to the forefront a lot of XTRABYTES topics in an easily accessible format in order to educate community members on the many positives. XtraPod is going to be challenging, but I will be doing my due diligence to make sure I am as factual as possible. That said, I really hope the community enjoys the podcast and I can’t wait to produce more.

Where is XtraPod available?

XtraPod is now available on Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Pinecast. It should be on iTunes early next week at the latest.

Feel free to reach out to Alex Johnson at [email protected] for suggestions, comments, or questions.

Added Bonus: The History Of XTRABYTES 1/10/19 (New)

Alex dives into the History of XTRABYTES Ltd. This includes Borzalom forking the old Bitmox chain, the first STATIC Node registration, introduction of XFuel, Test Net 3, Patents and Incorporation, and current day updates. NOTE: Current XBY locked up is supposed to be 187 million tokens, not 187.

Be sure to listen to the next XtraPod episode this week, entitled “XCITE: Next-Gen Decentralized Marketplace”

Would you like to know more?

We don’t just publish articles, XTRABYTES™ is a whole new blockchain platform that allows DApps to be programmed in any language, utilizing a new consensus algorithm called Proof of Signature. In doing so, XTRABYTES™ presents a next – generation blockchain solution capable of providing a diverse set of capabilities to the general public.

You can learn more on our website where you can also help to spread the word through our bounty program and get rewarded in XFUEL™, or join our community and hop into the discussion right now!

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