What’s Required to Become a Design Team Member?


Design team members must have general design skills, knowledge of design-related software, and a certain level of creative insight. Prospective members should possess skills that serve to add to the team’s repertoire.   Being a team player and having a willingness to learn/evolve is also essential. And bringing with you a healthy dose of humor is highly appreciated.

Team members should be cognizant of what’s happening in the design market. It’s also helpful if they can anticipate its future direction. Likewise, designers must not only follow today’s trends and styles but foresee upcoming trends, new software possibilities, and other related developments as well. Being able to do so keeps our appearance on track and helps to level up our quality.

Team members should also have some knowledge about the crypto market, ongoing crypto trends, and the various platforms related to the crypto industry. Understanding how UI/UX works in exchanges and social media platforms is an added advantage.

While being a team player and supporting each other whenever possible is key to our success at times, designers must also be able to work independently. That is, they must have the confidence to move forward when ambiguity reigns.  Designers typically do not have the time to provide proper guidance without thoroughly reviewing a project.

Finally, team members must be able to master short deadlines and work under pressure. Designers are frequently asked to provide last-minute design changes when new knowledge comes to light. Crypto never sleeps…

Starting from Nothing

In the beginning, team designers typically came from the general online community. While not heavily experienced, these designers were able to follow their passions and pursue their own design path (often unrelated to their day job). Not only was that my experience as a team leader, but it’s also the emerging story of several other team members as well. So we keep an open mind about the background of prospective team members. It’s been gratifying to see new designers quickly grow in their role and start making awesome designs and projects!

Consequently, we encourage team members to develop their skills and expertise. Learning and developing skill sets in other design areas is also a possibility. Designers who rapidly grow their skills may be promoted to more specialized positions and functions (several of them are now delivering design content on a very high level. All which is very impressive to see!)

For example, senior designers are currently helping the junior design team quickly expand their skill set. As a result, they have become much more versatile in their approach.  They have also been given several important tasks to accomplish, notably creating new social media banners, rebranding social media content, and supporting the overall team where necessary.

As the design team works incredibly hard, it’s important that team members take the time to laugh and have fun with each other.  Having a sense of humor certainly helps adds to the team spirit on the Graphics team.

In all, my team members are my number one priority, and I support them wherever and whenever I can. I seek only the best for them so that they may feel a vital part of the team.

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