Why The XTRABYTES™’ Team Employs Discord

Last month, the XTRABYTES’ team moved its discussion forum from Slack to Discord. Many community members were puzzled as to why a gaming app was chosen for such a platform. Here we discuss why Discord is enjoyed by both gamers and the XTRABYTES community. 

Built by Gamers for Gamers

Discord’s designers and engineers are primarily gamers, so they intuitively understand gamer’s needs. That’s why building a reliable VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for their app was essential to them. They appreciate how frustrating poor audio can be, particularly when important team member conversations fail. They also understand what it’s like when you don’t hear the bet that your friend just made or the game strategy your buddy just suggested. 

Within Discord, gamers are not just an afterthought or a new category of customers suggested by the marketing department. They’re Discord’s target market; and every feature of the interface was designed with them in mind. 

A Reputation For Stability

Among VOIP apps, Discord is now a viable alternative to TeamSpeak and Mumble. The app provides quality sound, seamless connectivity to users, and an abundance of customizable features. And its quickly gaining a following, as over 14 million users log in daily.

Among gamers, the app’s VOIP has a reputation for tremendous stability. Thus, it will not cut out in the middle of a firefight or crucial play as other VOIPs sometimes do. Its “the most stable VOIP service available,” a player identified as Snowbird tweeted. “It’s intuitive and customizable design offers top of the line service for any community.”

Discord also offers a higher level of connectivity and service than current VOIP solutions. That means you can reach your team when you need them, not just when the VOIP is working.   The app “has helped us run our organization, make new friends, and experience unforgettable moments. We couldn’t do without it.” Pro Rivalry League tweeted.

The XTRABYTES Community Likes It Too

In December of 2017, the XTRABYTES community gradually began migrating from Slack to Discord. By December 19, 1000 members had already joined. Roughly a month later that number had reached 4000!

When asked why Discord was selected to replace Slack, XTRABYTES community leader Fish313 stated “Security. Better workflow organization. Less taxing on CPU. The ability to customize much better. Slack is designed for smaller type teams, Discord is much more flexible. Voice channels too!” (group voice chat in Slack is a paid feature rather than free).  Another member volunteered that “Discord also seems to have a much better support service.”

While the app’s black background is surprising to some, new members easily adapt to it. Likewise, they quickly come to appreciate Discord’s intuitive interface and immediate responsiveness. The app even enables forum messages to be archived without having to pay extra (a game-changer for the XTRABYTES leadership team). Although XTRABYTES’ burgeoning community is giving it a workout, no one has volunteered any complaints.

Investors Begin to Notice 

Since first getting noticed, some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, technology, and corporate America have invested millions into it.

Current investors in Discord include China’s Tencent Holdings (owner of social media giant WeChat), Time Warner (owner of DC Comics), Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners. In all, they have invested over $30 million in venture capital to help build a cutting-edge VOIP and social media network for gamers. 

Not incidentally, observant industry watchers now note that Discord’s footprint is nearly as large as that of messaging app Telegram, (87 million users vs 100 million users, respectively).

If you want to see the future of social media and VOIP for gaming check out Discord. If you want to consider an alternative platform to host a community forum, check it out again. It’s a lot of fun and definitely one unicorn (pre-initial public offering company or IPO) to watch.

Versions of Discord for Windows and OSX can be downloaded here. A version of Discord for Linux is coming in the near future.

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