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Welcome to On The Pulse! Below is a video introducing community members to the new XTRABYTES Executive Leadership team (CEO & COO).



CCR; All right, good afternoon and good evening, good morning wherever you are.  This here’s CC Revolution bringing you a recording today, on the water, from somewhere in someplace in the world. I’m here today with a couple of guys who are going to become a big part of XTRABYTES. I’m here with a gentleman by the name of Allen and a gentleman by the name of Ashley. This is our new CEO and COO, respectively.  And we’re just gonna talk off-the-cuff today about a few topics and bring you guys up to speed with what’s been happening, where we’re going, and some of the energy that’s starting to build around the addition of these two guys to our XTRABYTES team. So we’ll start with Allen. Allen, how are you doing today?

Allen: I’m doing fine Dave. You know, I’ve spent a lot of time in Discord lately and a lot of interest in where you’ve been.


CCR: Allen, well  As you guys may have picked up along the way from various recordings I’ve done, I was actually very, very sick. I can say life-threatening sick. So I had to pull out back in April. After that point, just too many things were affecting my health and then it was just going in the wrong direction.

So the decision was to pull out and not do anything more with business at that point. And the decision between myself and our leadership team was that we would not announce anything like that because it would (create) fear that could possibly impact the company, and we didn’t want that to happen. So the decision was until we can get some leaders in place or that can take over, we wouldn’t say anything.

But I’m happy to report that, with my background in natural health, I’ve been able to turn myself around tremendously. I’m on the right track. Things are going very, very well. I’ve just had several new blood tests come back in and (they’re going) in the right direction. So I’m very happy to say that my health is improving again and we’re on track. So I’m here, I’ve been active again for about the last couple of weeks, and I’m feeling very good. So that I’m very happy to report.

Ashley: Well, you’re looking very well Dave.

CCR: Thank You

Ashley. All right. Well, I’m glad to see that you’re definitely on the right track because we’re in for one heck of a ride.  We are definitely…It’s good to have you in good health because we’re gonna be working very hard to make sure we execute the vision that you and “B” would like to see. Because I am still having troubles with his online name

CCR: That would be Borzalom.You can call him Zoltan if you want.

Ashley: Okay, Zoltan. I would prefer to use Zoltan as its so much more easy to remember. Listen we’re excited. We’ve made some life changes that are going to allow us to really focus on building something really special. We feel that with our background and our ability to look forward, we see the vision of the future align with you guys. it’s gonna be just tremendous in the success on the company. So I’m very very happy to be a part of this excellent team.

Allen: Just to add to Ashley there. A lot of you don’t know us yet. We come from a corporate background and we’re looking to take our expertise from that corporate background world and apply it to the next chapter in our lives. And that’s the exciting chapter of XTRABYTES, There’s a lot of exciting things going on with them. We’re going to be locked up for a good five days with both Dave and Zoltan, planning out the strategy to execute and to take this company to the next level.


CCR: That is actually how this all started in the first place, in going back to me when I was unwell, I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to come back at that point. I really didn’t. I had no idea. It was not a good prognosis. And through my being unwell, these guys have actually been with us as investors for a little over a year.  So, I’ve talked to Allen a lot over the last year, It came up that I was sick and these guys were looking for a change.

I’d like to ask you guys now to tell me, and this goes back to our first conversation; what attracted you the most to wanting to make that change and being willing to make that change?  To come on board a company that’s very much at the foundation stage. So what was it that your background, and Ashley’s background, and your way of doing things attracted you to this?

Allen: Dave, we’ve had comfortable lives in the corporate world and with comfort comes, I’ll say a little bit of boredom. It was time for a change and to get into building something new. There are a few things that make people tick. One could be money, another one could be power, and then the last one is the ability to build things or take things and really progress it to the next level. And that’s where I think my excitement is. That, like you said, we are at the ground floor and it gives us the ability to build something very powerful, game-changing, and life-changing for a lot of people in the world.

Ashley:  Oh absolutely, I agree with you Allen. I’ve been a part of some very cool projects and ventures globally and within North America. And I’m always looking at it like, we call it ‘The Challenge’: how do we use our assets, the skills that we have, to propel and push something forward and make something really cool?  We talk about the fact that we had a very comfortable position within a large corporation. But at the end of the day, we just became what they call a statistic or a number. We want to make sure we put our stamp on something good. And leveraging our experiences over the years…

Personally myself, when I look at things I’m much more of a visionary.  Ever since I was a kid, I was at fascinated with technology. So being a part of one of the world’s largest technology companies is nice. It looks great on your resume, but really, what have you done meaningful in your life? To contribute to people, to their lives?

So this I believe, this venture moving forward, we’re gonna have some really cool technology that’s going to have a positive impact on the way people live and learn and love.  I think that’s going to be key to the success of what we do. That’s what really interests me the most, It’s how we’re going to have a significant impact on society in general. We’re not localizing it. We don’t think locallly, we think globally. So it’s not about what’s in our backyard, It’s how do we improve other people’s backyards? I think that’s what I really get driven by. It’s that we’re going to have a significant impact on the way people are going to be able to live their lives. Hopefully a little bit more happy and more fulfilling.


CCR: Okay, so question for both you guys, again. This is kind of coming from what you just said there, Ashley.  You have had the time now to look at what we’re doing. You haven’t really done a real in-depth analysis of our tech- that’s gonna happen when we get together with Borz –  but you have some understanding of what’s happening out there in the crypto world. And you have a larger understanding now of what’s happening in the XTRABYTES’ world. So tell me how you guys feel about that.

Allen: What we’ve been introduced to, and I know we can’t talk too much about patents or anything like that, but the technology that is being worked on by XTRABYTES’ and what you’ve shared with us so far is extremely exciting… in the sense that may not take as much power with the proof of signature and the way that your technology works.  There’s just a lot of exciting things and unfortunately, we can’t reveal what those are but stay tuned. Once that patent gets locked down, or the patents, then we’ll be at a better place to discuss what that means.

Ashley: One of the things that I’ve noticed so far is the existing team right now, the foundation that’s been sitting well I guess from the beginning of when you started off the second phase of XBY [crosstalk]

CCR: ….we started growing the team on a more consistent and stable basis after we brought out XFUEL

Ashley: So what I look at is the way people are reacting, and they’re very engaging right now. There’s a lot of really good talent. One of the things that I love to see is the passion, the commitment that people are making right now within the organization. And that is a true signature you’ve got something right. You’ve got a really positive thing when people are really committing and they’re passionate about something. That’s half your job really done. It’s just putting them on the right course. That’s what me and Allen are really going to be looking at doing, driving the direction, making sure that we start to say the things we’re going to do, and execute in time and on time. When you have people who are very passionate about what they do and how they do it, it makes your job a lot easier.  We’re only at the infancy stage of growing something very successful and it’s only gonna get better and bigger.

So those core people right now that are listening, that are working with us already on just first the discovery part of the business, I like to say thanks for all the great work they’ve done. I think that moving forward we’re gonna be just restructuring the team and rebuilding the team out. So we’ll be hiring more people with the same type of passion of wanting to make a positive change in the world.


CCR: Very good. And that kind of brings me back to just a reminder to everybody where we’ve come from.  It’s an amazing journey we’ve been on, because this started well, in February of 2017. We were just two guys who had the vision to recover something that we had lost. We had a handful of people who were in that same boat who made up our initial community. And from there we’ve grown. It took a long time to to get to the point where we had people working for us in a stable way.  But we had the community there. And we moved forward very well with a very strong community. A lot of interaction, great excitement, and enthusiasm has been coming from the community. And, in fact, our workforce has come from the community as well.

it’s been exciting to be able to take something that was more or less a complete write-off – and was gonna go into oblivion and become nothing – to turn it into what we have today. It’s really, and we’ve discussed this before, it’s just a matter of fate and serendipity. I guess you can call it. And just a matter of the right guy coming along and needing someone to help him. And that person happened to be me who caught that message and had the ability to do that.

And what were we in, February? So, fourteen to sixteen months later to be sitting here out on the water in a boat with a couple of guys who are taking us to the next level from a corporate standpoint. Because, as you all know, I don’t have that corporate background. I’m very happy to say that it’s not my thing, and that’s okay because I knew that we were putting something together that was attractive. That was obvious. It just took a matter of time before we found a couple of guys who saw the vision with us and were wanting to take it to the next level.

So we are going to be growing our workforce and the XTRABYTES’ team is going to become stronger. It really is an exciting time to be to be here and watching this grow.


Allen: So one thing Dave that I’ve noticed is that, as we’ve been doing our research on the company and trying to understand all the various facets of the company, you have Discord over there and, yeah, I’ve been poking around in the general chat room. I realize that there’s a lot of good members there that are expressing a lot of concern around timing, things like that,..when’s the CEO coming, when’s the COO coming, when’s the patent coming, things like that. And then you’ve got a lot of negativity on there that just seems to breed negativity.

In the corporate world, that’s one thing that,… We find that people vote with their wallets. So if they’re happy and they’re content with the direction we’re going, and they have the patience, then they’re going to buy more XBY or invest in these nodes. When you’ve got the people that aren’t happy, they tend to sell and they move on. But for whatever reason, there seems to be that negativity within that Discord channel.  I’m not sure if that’s something that we want to continue with. We want a feedback mechanism, for sure. There’s a lot of good comments in there. But they just seem to be overrun by some negativity in there. I don’t know what your feedback is on that.

CCR: Yeah, it’s a good point and we have been discussing this a lot. It’s a problem, for sure. And the direction that we’re heading, which we’re going to get into further discussions here I think – without getting into too much detail, is that we are going to be expanding our sphere of influence, looking at different corporations, different investor’s groups and this kind of thing is where the marketing plans are heading. And quite frankly, we don’t need that kind of negative anchor that’s holding us back. Because quite frankly, it does. And it’s unfortunate because there are so many good positive people who I want to thank, you know who you are. [snip]….who are bringing these people, who are getting into this negative state of mind and bringing them back around.

Like just the other day, there was another silly conversation going on (about) a wallet that popped up with 95 million coins.  Well, that’s probably Cryptopia. I think they changed their method of doing things because we used to have a wallet on there a long, long time ago, that had 650 million in it. And then it’s “Who owns all those coins?”  It’s just silly that people get into this state of mind. It ended up being CCX because that was our exchange. All the coins started on CCX. Then, once people started logging in and taking their coins off CCX, then, of course, all those other wallets started to pop up. All of a sudden, now we have somebody who has 95 million coins and its CCR and he’s exiting.  

Seriously? I am in this for the long haul. This is a dedication to my life. And to be so sick and to not want to quit to the point that I was endangering my life, it should be enough to tell anybody that I’m not going anywhere. We are here to make this thing a success.

Allen: I think it’s just a lack of knowledge or understanding about how things work.

CCR: Lack of knowledge, yes. It’s also a lot of people who are trying to influence the market, trying to manipulate the market.  And it’s not acceptable because we don’t want to have our team going out there and doing presentations with groups of investors and ….By the way, we’re working on some very powerful presentations right now to get to a new level of presenting to a different breed of investor. Because that’s where we believe the market has to go. The crypto market itself is…it is what it is These people are already here. For some strange reason, they’re investing in ICOs who have absolutely nothing to offer except for a nice splash page. They bring their coin price up to a dollar or more and yet, we’re sitting here with some of our technology already on the table and continuing to work on it.  We’re so undervalued it’s crazy.

People aren’t able to see that because we have this negativity happening in our channel.  We had a nice interview, or write-up I should say, from somebody, I forget who this is going back three months ago or so, and a lot of good information.  And then, at the end, “however, there’s a problem in the community because they’re all up in arms because the patents are late.” Like, seriously guys? This is about the patents? So who cares about the patents, we’re going to get the patents, that’s coming, Relax.

Allen: Maybe Ashley can shed some light on how long a patent takes, especially one that we’re working on worldwide.

Ashley: Well one year. And I see once again the negativity in different forms. I have (to have) a little chuckle because, unless you really understand the mechanisms that are required, it’s not something that’s an easy right now. But who knows? Somebody may create technology in the future that will include a way to increase the speed of contracts and patents. Like a smart contract, that would be something. If somebody came up with an application or a model to fit on a platform [laughter].  

So we have to be patient. The due diligence, we’re not talking regional, we’re talking globally. So things take a little longer when we talk about global aspects of things. The time it takes to get things done can be somewhat tedious because you want things yesterday. Unfortunately, in the real world, things aren’t happening yesterday. They may take a week, two weeks based on if you have the right information, the right place, with the right people doing the right things, at the right time.  

Allen: And a lawyer that understands everything.

Ashley: And a lawyer that understands everything. We’re going to be talking to a much larger audience on a global scale and how we can align with that. Yeah, the negative thing doesn’t help us, but I think most of the positive things that people are putting out there is definitely the way to go.  Allen knows that I don’t spend too much time looking at the negative, I focus more on the positive things.

CCR: Well I think the more productive way and the more corporate way to do things is to have a complaints channel, complaints at xtrabytes dot global. And if you want to go post stuff on Reddit, go ahead because we can always have people go in there and set the record straight. But we can’t do that in Discord. We don’t know whose reading at whatever time and what it affects. And to me, it’s just something that’s bringing more negativity than it’s worth.

Are we gonna shut it down right now? No, I don’t think that’s fair. I think (this is) a fair warning to let you guys know that you have to police that room. And I’ve said this more than once. You guys have to police it.  Our moderators can only do so much, as can the community itself. A lot of you guys are doing a great job of policing it, setting the record straight, and getting things back on course. But it doesn’t change the fact that we have people in there more or less probably for their own agenda. It could be competitors. We don’t know what the reasons are with some of the stories that are popping up in there. It’s just something that we don’t need.

We want to be a corporate-level coin. We’re taking ourselves to a whole new level here and we don’t want to be categorized as a coin that has a Discord that’s dysfunctional. We’ve had the word thrown around that it’s toxic and all these other words. And quite frankly is true. And it’s just not necessary. We don’t need it and we’re not gonna put up with it anymore.  Thanks for bringing that up, Allen.

Allen:  Just to add to that Dave. I don’t want to sound like all the people in the channel are negative. I think it might be five percent but it does kinda float to the top. And as we go out, Ashley and I will kind of test the temperature of the norms or the community, just to see what’s going on and how members feel about XTRABYTES. I think as we move forward and we start to release more information, the community will turn around and be more positive. It will just be a shame that you’ll have some of these negative folks that will bail, you know so be it. They will have missed out on a huge opportunity.

CCR: Well, there are lots of platforms that we can have information posted on. We have Reddit, we have lots of places where, if someone wants to post something negative, they can go right ahead. And we can put the rebuttals up there. You know what, if that’s the way we need to do things, that’s the way we’ll do things. I believe it’s much more professional. It will leave a much better image than a room (where) we have people who are lurking or preparing to do a blog and then writing something that’s so great about how good our technology is, how good things are, and then have to close it off with negativity coming from the community.

Allen: I think as we move forward, both Ashley and I will be visible to the world [inaudible]..and dealing with these corporations that are leveraging our blockchain technology. For the most part, as Ashley was saying, a lot of these folks don’t read Discord, they don’t know Discord. Heck, I was new to Discord up until a couple months ago. Coming from the corporate world, we have other tools that we love and there are other blogs, there are other modes of information. When we’re sitting across from another CEO, CTO, CFO, C-level exec, we’re going to be having that conversation on a one-on-one basis as opposed to hiding behind pseudonyms or these avatars. We don’t plan on doing that.

So I know that currently, I’m in a position where I’m not ready to reveal who I am, just because of some legalities with my current position that I’m just finalizing. Ashley is going to be announcing who he is and his background shortly. But for the most part, we’re going to be locked away in the very near future for five days with the founders. Once we come out of that it’s, okay we’ve got a plan, we’re going to execute that plan, and in an order to do so, it’s not going to be hiding behind avatars or pseudonyms. So if you wanna talk to us, it’s going to be one-on-one.


Ashley: We talk about this every now and then and Allen knows I literally have zero tolerance for negativity. I explained to him we’re going to get it regardless. But as I said, I think people should start focusing on what we’re going to be producing.  We’re going to be producing some really quality applications and exciting development tools in the future. That’s gonna really define us as a company. It’s what we do, not what we say we’re going to do.

Part of the reason why Dave brought us onboard is the fact is that me and Allen execute. It’s great to create beautiful presentations and we can talk all we want about the technology. But until we start delivering something that has a quantitative impact on how people look at their business (or even their lives), that’s when we start being measured. That’s when I’ll accept criticism because that’s the criticism we can use to positively turn things around.

Right now, we’re in the process of building the foundation of an absolutely amazing platform. It’s going to be sustainable. It’s going to be around a long time. And it’s what we’re going to put on those things that are going to be very important to the success of the company. So, is building partnerships, aligning partnerships with companies, one of the things we’re going to be looking at?

Our corporate mandate. We’re dealing with a lot of companies in different sectors of the marketplace. It’s going to be very important in the way we’re going to position the company. Because if we can find ways to have a positive impact, you leveraging our technology… it just becomes part of the evolution of where our success is going to be. In a year from now, we’re gonna have a conversation and we’re not gonna be talking about Discord or negativity. We’re going to be talking about the really cool things we’re developing and putting out there. [inaudible] So I think the audience may change when we start releasing new and exciting things as we move forward.

Allen: Yes, absolutely

CCR: All right. Well, hey guys, the wind seems to be picking up here a little more. So hopefully this recording is gonna be OK for us but we’re gonna sign off for now. So I want to thank you all for listening.  Stay tuned for our next series of information releases,

Ashley: Cool.

Allen: I like this format.

CCR: Thanks, everybody. Have a great day. Thank you.


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