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We’re happy to announce that the new XCITE mobile wallet is in the final stages of development. As our initial testing phase is imminent, community members are invited to sign up for testing. Testers will be the first to check out a sample of our innovative blockchain technological direction with our first product release. Testing will also allow you to try out the wallet’s many cool features and help us find any bugs. Once testing is complete, we will finalize the wallet for public release as soon as possible.

Looking to the future, when the mobile wallet is ready for public release, the XCITE development team will focus their attention on bringing the original desktop version up to speed with the latest features available in the mobile wallet. The big upside here is that they can utilize all the backend work that has been done for the mobile wallet and rely far less on Zoltan’s availability to assist.

The plan is to get the XCITE desktop version out to the test group as quickly as possible. This will bring us one step closer to another significant milestone: the first-ever testnet on our new chain. After reaching this important milestone, the team will be working on getting new node registration up and running as soon possible (after they finish updating the desktop version of XCITE).

XCITE views

Resources Update:

We have been busy updating several of our company’s online resources. The updates include the return of our restyled and updated forum and a restyle of our Github page (which includes instructions on how new developers can quickly get started). On top of all of this, with the release of our first tech/product sample and the completion of the first patent applications around the corner, we have decided to create a new BitcoinTalk ANN. You can check out the new ANN here.


Company Updates:

Earlier this year, the company (XTRABYTES Ltd.) applied for D&B registration. We’re happy to announce that D&B approved our application and that we now have a D-U-N-S number. Consequently, anyone interested in working with us will be able to request unbiased information about the company. Readers can find more information about what a D-U-N-S number is and how it can help our company at


With our D-U-N-S number in hand, we applied to both Google and Apple to publish our mobile applications as a company. We’re excited to announce that both companies have approved our applications. As a result, we can now publish new applications in The App Store and on Google Play.

Google Play Store

Team Updates:

The XTRABYTES team has also undergone some changes. You may or may not have seen that we had some new addition to the team:

  • Chuggs was welcomed on board to take over from Bikerleszno as our translations lead.
  • JPilly5 joined the dev team and has since made some significant contributions to XCITE mobile.
  • Charles has reinforced the strength of our moderation staff.
  • We have appointed Marc as an interim manager for the marketing team. He will help keep everyone at their highest levels of productivity during this critically important time.
  • As a result of some personal challenges, Fish has temporarily stepped aside from his role as social media manager. Reclusiarh and JamesJ will be taking over for him during his absence.
  • We have terminated our cooperation with Bikerleszno as translations lead. While we thank Biker for his enthusiasm and long-term commitment to XTRABYTES, the role simply did not suit him.

And as our team grows, so does our management group. After reviewing our future needs as a company, the leadership team has decided to promote Golden to Operational Security Manager.

As more of our technology becomes publicly available, we must be vigilant about protecting our business interests. We do not want competing outfits duplicating our unique features. Preventing such an occurrence requires maintaining a strong team structure and strictly following team rules. Being sloppy is a sure way to lose one’s competitive advantage in this industry.

Given Golden’s extensive background in operational security, we believe he is well-suited for this role.

As Operational Security Manager, Golden will oversee all operational security protocols as well as all internal and external communication procedures.  We’ve also asked him to take the lead on screening new job applicants and advising us on future business partnerships.

Finally, Golden will be providing us with guidance on KYC-verification rules as well as implementing and maintaining our KYC systems. This is a critically important legal requirement we must follow when distributing company shares and an important structure to instill peace of mind for our STATIC owners. With Golden at the helm of Operational Security, you can rest assured your investment is getting exceptional protection.

We’re also pleased to announce that several updates to our Team Page have occurred. As we approach a time of more intense scrutiny, many team members have elected to help us transform XTRABYTES towards greater legitimacy.

Website visitors will soon see real faces along with many who are sharing their Linkedin profiles. And as a special feature, we have asked every team member to provide a testimonial regarding their introduction to the XTRABYTES project. You can view them via links on the Team Page.


We recently came to the point where we had to choose between Zoltan finishing the back-end coding for XCITE mobile or continuing to review descriptions received from the patent lawyers. After weighing the impact of these choices, and noting where we were in the big picture of technology releases, we opted to finish the back-end coding for XCITE mobile first. This move will allow us to deliver our first tech sample and keep the entire development team on task and busy for the upcoming period.

As the mobile wallet’s development comes to a close, switching between these two tasks will no longer be an issue. This change will allow Zoltan to not only focus on completion of the POSIGN patent application, but it will also allow him the opportunity to get a head start on the other patent applications.

Although very important, there is much more to XTRABYTES than our patent applications. They do not constitute the “tech,” they’re merely the protective measures for the tech that we’re bringing to market. So we hope you will start focusing on our first tech release sample, along with the XCITE mobile application, and help us improve this product.

Finally, be sure to understand that XCITE is our control platform and that XCITE mobile is only part of the full XCITE package (which will arrive over time).

Latest Governance Update:

After further discussions with our corporate legal counsel, we have a clearer picture of the various steps we must go through to achieve our intended long-term goals regarding share/ownership distribution for XTRABYTES Intellectual Properties Inc. It is critically important that we do everything by the book. This means it will take extra time to enable the full distribution plan.

Although there may be some additional factors coming into play with regards to initial distribution as a private company, you should otherwise know that we will not be deviating far from the basics of the general plan we released, other than a few important legal adjustments that will be required.

The distribution of shares over multiple legal jurisdictions is a complex matter. We need to make sure that all the legal requirements are met in order to safeguard everyone’s investment. These are not things we take lightly and we must be 100% sure we are in full compliance with all the legislation involved.

Our proposed governance model was created with the intention to execute the overall vision we have for the project, where decentralization and member participation play key roles. However, we have since been advised that executing this vision will require guidance from legal counsel that is specialized and experienced in these particular matters. As such, we intend to heed this advice and keep you informed when and where we’re able to.

Consequently, XIP tokenized shares, as well as the real XIP Inc. shares, will not become available until we have satisfied our legal counsel that we have met the legal guidelines and regulations for the activities we’re pursuing. We will keep you updated on developments as we move forward on each step of this exciting journey.

Thank you!


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