X-CHAT to Offer Revolutionary Messaging Service


X-CHAT Challenges Censorship

Last week’s Iranian protests were stifled by the Iranian government’s ability to dramatically slow down the internet. In addition, the government blocked social media services and several communication apps (including Whatsapp and Telegram). And although 50 million Iranians currently carry a mobile phone, a few photos were able to make it outside of the country. Without the ability to coordinate and communicate, Iranian protesters lost heart and the protest gradually fizzled out. Given that social media and apps are still somewhat prone to centralized control, does the blockchain offer new hope?

Perhaps.XTRABYTES is planning to launch a decentralized messaging service named X-CHAT. Being decentralized, no government will be able to limit or censor messaging through it. However, X-CHAT will offer users many more benefits as well.

X-CHAT’s Many Features

While preventing censorship is the primary focus, X-CHAT will benefit the Xtrabytes community as well. Obviously, X-CHAT  will be a great utility for keeping the Xtrabytes community connected, and newcomers informed. In addition to integrating the Xtrabytes Community Forum and Slack channel, X-CHAT  will be able to scan documents and transfer files as well. In conjunction with X-VAULT’s module and its storage capabilities, this provides users with an extensive array of options. Although users can access a scanner application through nearly any device, much of the technology available has limited functionality. For instance, not many users are willing to store sensitive information on a handheld device or even in cloud storage.  

In contrast to these limitations, both X-CHAT  and X-VAULT are being outfitted with features that will allow them to shine. For instance, users will be able to scan important documents with any capable device and seamlessly store them inside X-VAULT. Being accessible by select individuals, this type of function will be tremendously beneficial for those handling legal documentation. Likewise, financial professionals seeking to move and store extremely sensitive documents securely within seconds might find this functionality almost priceless too.

Similar to document scanning, file transfer via X-CHAT  and storage in X-VAULT will also prove invaluable. Unlike most messaging systems, file transfers will not need to pass through a centralized network before they reach the recipient. Moreover, users will no longer need to encrypt these files in order to protect them once received, nor will they need to worry that such files will become vulnerable if their device is lost or stolen. And while few users put their faith in cloud storage, such centralized storage methods are not fully secure either.

Instead, X-CHAT messages will be stored locally on a user’s device and as messages are transmitted over the decentralized network, users will have discretion as to what messaging history to keep. In theory, X-CHAT users can store their content securely on the networking using X-VAULT.

Initially perceived as a simple decentralized method of communication, XTRABYTES’ X-CHAT will prove to contain many more robust features. Moving forward, this community-driven project will gain momentum once developers and community members are able to use all of the application’s functionality. From simple communication to enterprise security and data logistics, there are no bounds as to what can be accomplished with X-CHAT and the XTRABYTES’ array of modules. This is the birth of a truly decentralized super network.

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