X-VAULT Complements A Decentralized Super System


Below is a Reposting of XBY Founder CCRevolution’s View of X-Vault (Nov 12, 2017).  

Anyone who was with XTRABYTES from the beginning recalls that the first feature investors talked about was storage. With the likes of Google, Apple and several other tech giants offering cloud storage, at relatively hefty prices, and knowing these systems are centralized and vulnerable to attack is an open door to offering something much more attractive to the end user.

When we consider the usage potential of this technology, there is no need to go much further than your local street corner and watch how many people each day stop and take a photo with their smartphone. What opportunities does this act reveal?

        1. If all your important photos and files are only saved on your phone, you are at risk of losing everything and in the tech world today, this is a very big reality.


        1. People are buying phones before they buy PCs and laptops.


        1. That phone and all your data can be gone in a split second due to theft or simple destruction with relative ease.


      1. Globally, having only 1 Internet device will be the reality for the vast majority and that device will be a smartphone.

So, how can X-VAULT help?

If you simply imagine that your only device is your smartphone, you can quickly see that having a simple to use, perhaps automatic back-up of all files on your phone, at a cost which is far lower than the current options and far more secure, you can see we have a winning opportunity here with X-VAULT.

So, above we discussed the USAGE aspect of X-VAULT. Now, let’s take a look at the technical aspect and how X-VAULT is the foundational layer of XTRABYTES.

If you take a few minutes to think about all the other modules we discuss, you will realize that each of these requires storage. Some far more than others, but each requires storage.

  • X-PAY (all transaction history stored in shards)
  • X-DEAL (private smart contracts encrypted in shards)
  • X-CHANGE (transaction and trade data must be preserved)
  • X-CHAT (shards ONLY transferred across the network and are NOT stored on X-VAULT. Instead, your chats are stored locally)

Essentially, all future modules and DApps will need to use X-VAULT because if you go back to the early discussions about what XTRABYTES is, you will remember we talked about creating: A DECENTRALIZED SUPERSYSTEM.

Therefore, XTRABYTES without X-VAULT would be like having the best possible computer system, with no hard drive. But, when combined, XTRABYTES is indeed a DECENTRALIZED SUPER SYSTEM and as we continue to grow, more and more ideas will come that will be either internal or external modules, each using X-VAULT.

John Potter

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