XCITE Module for Mobile Wallet (Update)

As promised earlier, the XTRABYTES Management Team is providing an update on the current status of the XCITE module for the mobile wallet. As we speak, several of our developers are diligently working to deliver the wallet on the shortest notice possible. We had planned to release this wallet this week (as had been promised by the former executives). Unfortunately, we ran into several unforeseen issues with our development environment. As a result, the development team has had to perform several additional hours of troubleshooting.  However, we’ve now reached the point where we can continue integrating the backend to the frontend.

At present, the development team is focused on:

  • Finalizing a GUI for a release version ( 95% done )
  • Making connections to backend systems so as to facilitate user registrations, transactions, and more ( 75% done )
XCITE Teaser

In the next few days, the developers will be working closely with Zoltan on getting the final connections working. The result is an XCITE for Mobile application ready for testing before the end of this week. Once these tests have been completed, we’ll be planning for this application’s first public release (hopefully, by month’s end).

It’s yet to be determined if this release will be connected to the XFUEL testnet chain or to the live chain. If the development team believes more excessive testing is needed, we will opt for a public test with the community. If we can perform enough application tests within this timeframe, we may opt for a direct release that is connected to the live chain. And if everything goes really well, we will release it with a working connection to both the XFUEL and XBY chain.

As upcoming developments will impact what is feasible within this timeframe, we will keep you fully updated on our progress. We would like to thank all the community members for their continued trust. And as promised we will begin working on a new announcement that answers the many community-submitted questions found within the suggestions channel.

The XTRABYTES Management Team

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