What To Expect From Testnet #3

As XTRABYTES has gained more attention over the past month, expectations and pressure on the team are now higher than ever. I’ve written this post to give you a small update on what to expect from testnet #3. This testnet is not the final testnet, and will not run on the ZOLT-chain yet.

Why is it not running on the final chain yet you might wonder? The testnet will use a standalone wallet to test internally. Using the ZOLT-chain in the testnet would mean that some of the information which is compiled, contains parts of the source code of the ZOLT-chain. This code is still awaiting patent approval (more specifically: patent pending status), so it cannot be released to the public yet. The patent is there to prevent unwanted forks of the blockchain if they would ever occur, so rightful ownership of the chain will always belong to the person holding the patent.

The previous testnet registrations were a success, reaching almost 600 submissions for level 1 nodes. Level 2 nodes are being integrated on this testnet, so both level 1 and level 2 nodes can be tested together. Therefore, registrations have reopened so people can still sign up to host a level 2 node. The aim of a high amount of transactions per second is mainly expected on the main ZOLT-chain, therefore this testnet (which utilizes the old chain) will most likely not reach the expected 10k transactions per second. The testnet will, however, run on PoSign, as previous testnets have too.

Another objective of this testnet is to assess which hardware specifications are optimal to run the STATIC nodes when they go live. Therefore, by hosting a node, a complete list of specifications can be made to determine their efficiency in hosting the network.

Lastly, to address a question that has come up: Where do the fees go?

There is a development wallet where all the fees currently go to, which is locked and can only be unlocked by the lead developer Borzalom. The community will get to decide where these funds go, once we are ready to use a different fees system which does not require the locked wallet. (Source: CCRevolution)

This will be a big event on its own at a later point in time. The wallet already has quite a hefty sum stored – so please already think about some good uses for this, any suggestions are welcome!

Here is a link to the wallet on blockexplorer:


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