On The Pulse – May Edition

XTRABYTES On The Pulse – May Edition
May 7th, 2018

Patent progress

On The Pulse reports that our team continues to work on the (4) patents we are preparing to submit.

It is time that we shift our focus away from this and realize that the job is larger than originally anticipated. The reality is that we’re not willing to sacrifice the protection of this technology by operating with haste, so we should all be happy about this. These patents are for a technology that our team believes will change the face of crypto. Thus, we need to be patient and realize It will not take forever. We intend to have them completed as soon as possible.

Other aspects of the project are ongoing. It is likely we will not lose any overall time as a result of what you will read in the next section. Had we not moved forward with the initiative explained below, we would have had to wait until the patents were completed before we could continue major development initiatives.

XCITE development

Our developers are delighted to officially announce that our STATIC Simulation System (SSS) is in the final stages of testing! The SSS is an API that accepts requests and returns results in a way that mimics the future STATIC network. By doing so, the SSS enables our development team to continually advance through the next stages of the project (even before we release the patent-pending code and backend connections to XCITE). Designed to save time, the SSS should be seen as a huge milestone in our pipeline. Shortly after its integration, testing, and execution, we will swap the simulated STATIC system for the live code containing the technology we are patenting.

Up until this point, users have tested versions of the XCITE UI (front-end). This new development will bring additional opportunities to test a more comprehensive demo version of XCITE (including several modules). This will provide users with a greater understanding of the platform to come (particularly its added backend functionality). Nonetheless, it’s critically important for users to note that XCITE with the SSS will not operate with real XBY or XFUEL.

To clarify a few additional points, we’ve gone ahead and provided a brief Q&A:

  • How can developers communicate with the DICOM?
    We will add examples of this to the SSS github.
  • Can we use the SSS for testnet 4?
    We do not need to utilize the SSS for testnet #4. The main purpose of the SSS is to develop the platform’s modules and conduct additional testing that may be required by developers as we advance with our project.
  • After SSS goes live, can interested parties begin building modules?
    Yes, they can, details on how to do so will be on github.

The code behind the SSS will soon be listed in a GitHub repository. We are excited about the functionality this will add and look forward to providing you with more information in the very near future!

Mobile development

As mentioned in our previous update, we’re continuing to work on mobile with a renewed focus on building out functionality and initial module layouts. At present, basic views have been wired together and we are happy to share these layouts.

mobile layout for On The Pulse

While layout designs are still underway, extensive design work still needs to be completed before it’s considered user-ready. These layout designs include the main page (for viewing wallet balance as well as viewing transaction history and navigation of the application); the send page (for sending XBY via manual input or scanning a QR Code); and the receive page (for viewing your address and the scannable QR Code that corresponds to this address).

We intend to provide the XBY community with a pre-release as soon as all the bugs have been fixed and the basic functionalities have been built out. We are certainly open to additional input on functionality and will engage with users on this topic whenever possible. However, the first iteration of mobile will only include basic wallet functions (leaving out modules like X-CHAT, X-VAULT, and others). While we expect to build module layout views for the mobile app in the near future, our short-medium term focus remains wedded to creating a simple-to-use wallet that enables P2P exchange of XBY and XFUEL. We look forward to sharing updates and any relevant information related to the mobile app going forward.

On The Pulse : Related News

We continue to communicate with companies that demonstrate a growing interest in the XTRABYTES project. We have been approached by exchanges, e-leagues, and various other industries who seek to utilize our technology in their platforms. Our outreach team will keep these lines open as our development continues. Further details will be provided when we are ready.

We have officially opened our escrow page for trading XBY and XFUEL with each other. Anyone seeking to trade XFUEL or XBY can now safely do so via our secure portal. An Escrow agent will be in contact with you via Discord as soon as a request is placed.

In addition, if you missed our earlier announcements, our bounty program is now up and running! If you haven’t stopped by our page already we highly recommend doing so! We’re hosting four bounties that provide great rewards for those with a knack for getting the word out there.

Lastly, we have decided to include Telegram into our group of officially moderated channels. Although we prefer that community members solely rely on Discord, we understand that several members desire to remain on Telegram.

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