XTRABYTES™ February Development Update


With this development update, we would like to give our community some insights into what has been happening behind the scenes at XTRABYTES and what is to come.

Our XCITE development team has been hard at work on improving the client. Therefore, we are delighted to release v0.1.2 of XCITE that can now be connected to the current testnet wallet via Remote Procedure Call (RPC). Below is a picture of the testnet wallet, NOT to be confused with the official XTRABYTES Wallet where you store real XBY.

XCITEImage of Testnet Wallet

Furthermore, our web development team is implementing the confirmed layouts/blocks and our support team is expanding with several new hires. All in all, it has been a great month, so let’s get right to it!


The following features have been added to the XCITE client and can now be used

  • Added RPC client to interact with XBY testnet
  • Ability to send XBY
  • Create new addresses
  • Pulls the account list from the testnet wallet
  • Pulls the transaction history from the testnet wallet

  • Improved module and view navigation

  • Added XCITE -> Receive Coins view and data model

  • Added XCITE -> Send Coins view and data model

  • Added XCITE -> History view and model

Added many new and improved existing reusable controls, including:

  • Address Book
  • Value slider
  • Date Picker
  • Checkboxes
  • Text Input
  • Buttons

    • Replaced placeholder icons and improved existing ones
    • Improved Login view performance
    • Added clipboard support
    • Improved UI polish, including button hovering animations
    • Resized large balances instead of overflowing

You can find our latest XCITE client (currently v0.1.2) at:

Connecting the XCITE client with the XBY testnet wallet

    • Download the normal testnet wallet here
    • Run the testnet wallet and allow it to completely synchronize
    • Close the wallet and browse to your application data folder.
      1. Windows: %APPDATA%\xcite\
      2. Mac: Home/Library/Application Support/xcite/
      3. Windows: In Notepad, go to File -> Save As -> Set the “File name:” to xcite.conf, change the “Save as type:” dropdown to “All Files”, then click Save. Within this folder, create a new file and name it “xcite.conf”. Make sure the file is not called “xcite.config.txt”. The file must be saved with a “.conf” extension.
      4. Mac: In TextEdit, click Format in the file bar -> Make Plain Text -> File -> Save -> Change “Save As:” to xcite.conf, then click Save.
    • Edit the xcite.conf file, paste the following content into the file, then save and close it         rpcuser=xcite
    • Re-open the wallet and allow it to synchronize
    • Open the XCITE client (allow the testnet wallet to continue running in the background)
    • In XCITE, click the online indicator (wifi toggle) in the bottom-left to connect via RPC. If it works correctly, the balance should be updated in XCITE and the Send Coins & History views should be functional

Currently known issues:

    • Various overlap/overflow issues at small screen sizes
    • Address Books are not fully functional yet
    • RPC transaction list does not filter out mining transactions
    • RPC unconfirmed balance is hardcoded to zero
    • History view filters aren’t wired up yet

Lastly, as our XCITE client is being developed further, we would love to hear how our community feels about the graphical interface and client functionality. With an increasing amount of developers now working on the XCITE client (currently sitting at 5), we now possess the resources to optimize our client and add new functionalities where needed. Please do not hesitate to test the currently implemented functions and give feedback by opening a ticket at https://support.xtrabytes.global/


Since our last development update, we have completed the necessary steps to get our web development team set up. With new branding guidelines almost complete we have begun structuring our web layouts for the new site. Many of the points from our last update have been taken into consideration by the team and have been decided upon as follows:

Account Login / Registration
This will be exclusively reserved as an XCITE feature and will not be available on the new website. The decision is based on security and keeping the fewest vulnerabilities possible in regards to user data.

Our development team has also decided for the time being that any module creation and/or future platform implementations be restricted solely to the XCITE platform.

Support Center
We believe in strong customer support, so we have set up a fantastic portal full of guides, FAQs & a direct connection with our team via Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and the Zendesk Portal. More below on this topic.

Support Team

It has been quite a busy month for our support team in regards to growth. We have added 2 mods and 3 technical support specialists to our Discord team in the past month.

As we continue to grow, so does our knowledge base on our customer support portal that was implemented in January. We have finalized the setup to ensure we are able to promptly assist our community members with any questions they may have. We have also integrated various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, into our support portal.

We encourage all community members to bring any questions they have, whether they are technical or non-technical, to our support portal and submit a ticket.

Tipbot for Discord

Starting late this week/early next week we will be implementing our new Discord TipBot running off of our Testnet! This means you can transfer test XBY to and from your friends, all via the up-and-coming #tipbot_test channel on our discord! This will help us discover and remedy any bugs before we connect the TipBot to our live chain (update about this will come tomorrow). Lastly, a huge thanks to our developer @nrocy for building this beauty.


Borzalom and CCRevolution have concluded their recent meetings with the lawyers and will continue to work on the technical descriptions and diagrams in the meantime. Once they have made more progress, they will send the updated documents to the lawyers for editing. This back and forth will continue until the final patents are ready to be submitted.

When we have more information on an estimate for patent pending status, our community will be the first to know. Until then, please hang tight and know we are all eager to get this done as soon as possible, but it needs to be done correctly and this simply takes time.


As we promised an update regarding the status of XFUEL, what we can currently say is that a separate update will soon follow with further details. We want to make sure that we are able to sufficiently cover several important questions and aspects that have been asked by the community.


As always, a big thank you to our community for supporting XTRABYTES. We are rapidly expanding and still looking for more hires to make XTRABYTES even greater! If you know any competent and motivated people for development, marketing, design or other departments, do not hesitate to have them get into contact through our #jobs channel on Discord.



Official Links

Official Website – https://xtrabytes.global/
Forum – https://community.xtrabytes.global/
Blog – https://blog.xtrabytes.global
Twitter – https://twitter.com/xtrabytes
Reddit –  https://www.reddit.com/r/xtrabytes
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/XTRABYTESOfficial/
Discord – https://discord.xtrabytes.global
Telegram – https://t.me/xtrabytes_official
Newsletter Sign-Up – https://newsletter.xtrabytes.global
Support Center – https://support.xtrabytes.global

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