XTRABYTES Technology – an Educational Process

Now that we have reached “patent pending” for the PoSign part of the XTRABYTES technology, we will begin sharing more details. This endeavor is more complex than simply writing a white paper, especially as we don’t want our extensive preparation for the patent application documents to be in vain. As such, a strategy that is beneficial for individuals interested in our technology, our community team, and the company itself will be enacted. Ultimately, we want everyone to learn about the XTRABYTES™ technology as we seek to continually improve our competitive edge.

Before getting started, we also want to share a preliminary introduction of the XTRABYTES “20/20 Vision” Campaign. It is important to share some upcoming key talking points regarding our future as we unveil our unique and innovative approach towards sharing information about our tech. To learn more about other technological advances visit www.bosslaser.com/boss-ls-1416.html.

The coming weeks and months is going to reveal many details regarding the direction the XTRABYTES project and its corporations will be taking as we move forward. We are currently preparing transparency documents, along with an advanced breakdown of our economic vision, marketing plans, use cases/product plans and the role that STATIC owners will play in the future of XTRABYTES.

Since our technology is fundamentally different from the current implementations to distributed ledger technology (and current blockchain applications specifically), we believe that a basic understanding of blockchain technology is required to fully appreciate the differences. We understood that using the cloud or hosted services could significantly impact the results, and so, we even have switched over to private networks. Consequently, we’ve opted to teach the XTRABYTES technology to everyone who is interested in learning more about it through an educational process.

We believe this is preferable to presenting mere technical details that would only reveal the true value of our technology to those who are deeply entrenched in such technology. This will give everyone (even those that have little to no knowledge) a chance to learn about how current technologies work as well as a chance to get acquainted with our network’s capabilities.

Our intentions are to educate everyone about the XTRABYTES technology in the hopes of creating a cadre of expertise within the framework of methodological and technical expertise in which our technology is based. Our courses will not only provide community members with a better understanding of our tech (and how to use it), they will vividly demonstrate how we differ from current blockchain projects as well. Moreover, we believe these courses will help educate future leading developers by making them experts on the specifics of our tech.

Our starting point will be to present several exciting features that illustrate how our approach fundamentally differs from other projects in existence. We will detail these features in several upcoming articles and provide insight as to why our platform exercises superior performance in relation to others.

Following these articles, any individual who is interested in learning more will be able to sign up for online courses that explain it in more detail. We have organized these courses in clusters and created several levels of proficiency for them as well (from novice to expert). We’re also creating opportunities to learn and receive certificates that reflect the skill level of the individual. We expect these certificates to become well-known within the industry over time. Moreover, we believe they will enable professionals to reach some personal career goals.

Details that reveal critical parts of the XTRABYTES technology (the subject of patents that have not yet been granted, or closed source secrets) will only be available for individuals who can demonstrate a certain level of commitment and are contributing to the project. In addition, they must provide proof of the required skill level. Finally, access to these courses may also require an NDA agreement prior to being received.

Ultimately, our goal is to get the right information to the right individuals. That means enabling individuals to select the area of the technology that best fits their field of interest/expertise. If successful, we believe this will help further compartmentalize certain aspects of our technology, allowing for the creation of highly educated experts in the process.

In order to preserve our competitive edge, we reserve the right to exclude anyone from any of the courses that require an NDA agreement (especially if we believe that the individual is intent on using the knowledge to help advance our competitors). In addition, those enrolled in these high-level courses will also need to actively contribute to the project.

Over time, this strategy will allow us to decentralize our knowledge base and will result in a large team of highly skilled contributors.

We will be sharing details about the following features in several of our upcoming articles.  Readers can expect this list to expand over time as new components of our technology are revealed: 

  • Quantum resistance
  • Unlimited transaction throughput
  • Guaranteed scalability
  • Individual, private and functional blockchains
  • Eco-friendly consensus algorithm
  • Low-cost network participation
  • Business data applications

Protecting our technology is a very important aspect for our investors, our contributors, our future partners and of course the company itself. We are here to build a successful long term business with powerful new technology. Not only will we continue on this road, but we will continue to improve and seek new innovations as we go.

Would you like to know more?

We don’t just publish articles, XTRABYTES™ is a whole new blockchain platform that allows DApps to be programmed in any language, utilizing a new consensus algorithm called Proof of Signature. In doing so, XTRABYTES™ presents a next – generation blockchain solution capable of providing a diverse set of capabilities to the general public.

You can learn more on our website where you can also help to spread the word through our bounty program and get rewarded in XFUEL™, or join our community and hop into the discussion right now!

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