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Hello Everyone!

Since the development team hasn’t provided a community update lately, we believe this would be a good time for one. A lot of progress has been made in the last few months that we would like you to know about.

The information below summarizes ongoing and completed project developments.


First of all; we’re onboarding several newcomers to our development team. In total, we have three additional people that have started working with the team, one in a backend development role and two as GUI designers.

Their profiles will be added to the website next week.

With regard to the development team, we would like you to know that we’re always looking for more talent.

If you’re experienced with web development or C++ / QT and would like to be part of a great team, please reach out to us via our contact form on the website (


Although our public GITHUB appears relatively inactive, this does not reflect current development activity. As revealed previously, we typically work in private GitHub repositories before we release development changes to the public.

We believe it’s only prudent to review all code changes before public release.

XCITE Mobile

As we have been finalizing “small but important” features for XCITE Mobile, we’re nearly ready to publicly release the first version (V1.0).

This release will be a momentous occasion since the first version of our mobile platform interface and wallet application will be made available to the public through the official Android and iOs store. 

Given all the feedback received from our test group, we were easily able to iron out most issues with XCITE Mobile. As a result, we’re releasing a more complete version than the one we intended to release a few months back.

The ability to conduct more than one transaction/minute per wallet/address is the only issue remaining. This is due to wallets running on multiple network servers rather than being run locally.

To rectify this situation, we’re having a distributed message broker handle transactions (as they can easily handle more than one transaction/minute per wallet/address).

A distributed message broker will also allow us to optimize our resources better. As such, we will continue using it as we move forward with platform development. 

XCITE Desktop

The development team is preparing for the next beta release of the XCITE Desktop interface as well.

As some of you might remember, we released the first beta of XCITE a year ago (just before turning our attention towards the mobile version).

Having now created a solid and reusable backend for both desktop and mobile, we will be refocusing our efforts on creating a fully functional beta release for desktop computers.

Currently, two things are needed before we can release the next beta:

  • An overhaul of the GUI. We believe it’s imperative to display more up-to-date designs than we’re currently using in the Mobile version. Our two new GUI Designers are working to make this happen.
  • An update of the original backend (so as to be compatible with the mobile version). This will result in a fast, multi-platform, and secure application.

Work on this is ongoing and we hope for a quick release of the new version.

As a side note; the release of the next XCITE version for both Mobile and Desktop are independent of the patent progress (and follow a separate release agenda).

Network capacity

With these upcoming releases, we expect our network’s transaction volume to rapidly increase. Therefore, we will be increasing our network capacity by adding more endpoints/peers.

This will ensure fast transaction times on both the XBY and XFUEL chain.

Transaction fees

We’re also working to optimize the transaction fees calculation where multiple fees are involved. Our goal is to make sure that users don’t pay a higher fee than necessary.

The changes will benefit XBY and XFUEL investors who use either the mobile or desktop version of XCITE.

Development Automation

The Development Team has started using Jenkins software to ensure our XCITE products are bug-free.

Jenkins is a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) server platform. As such, it’s designed to help automate tasks related to building, testing, and deploying our XCITE products. 

To facilitate Continuous Integration (CI), Jenkins triggers an automated build-and-test sequence for XCITE every time a code change is made. This provides instantaneous feedback to any developer making code changes.

To facilitate Continuous Delivery (CD), Jenkins provides for infrastructure provisioning and deployment.

Moreover, all these processes (CI/CD) are fully automated and visible to the entire team.

In all, Jenkins provides a multitude of benefits including:

  • Speed and reliability.
  • System Monitoring (enabling the team to remain focused on writing code).
  • Easy access to the latest system version.
  • Easy facilitation of application or product updates.
  • Easy access to log records detailing all code changes, test, and deployments.
  • Rollback capabilities (to view/access previous versions in the event of a problem). 

Other Stages:

Some of the other stages used are: The Source stage, Build stage, Test stage, and the Deployment stage.

Once Jenkins successfully completes these stages, XCITE will be delivered as a working product.

With the help of Jenkins software and our test group, we’re moving into a more rapid release of upcoming versions.

Website Changes

Last but not least, we changed the website navigation section to make it more user-friendly.

In addition, we’ve created a section highlighting our presence on current and future exchanges. It provides information, along with a rating system, about all the exchanges that we’re currently listed on.

We’ve also included a section devoted to DEX (which we believe is the future of crypto trading).

In closing, the development team would like to thank all departments, as well as the community, for their help, patience, and input!

Kind regards,

The XTRABYTES Development Team

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