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Just a reminder. that in addition to our Waves testing group, we’re setting up three testing groups with the following descriptions:

PreAlpha testers: A small group of 5 to 10 testers (each a test manager) directly connected to developers. This group facilitates pre-alpha development tests. As high-level testers, they will run automated tests, create testing scenarios, produce reports, and submit bug tickets for developers. They will also be responsible for supporting the Alpha testers. At least one leader will have testing experience.

Alpha testers: A mid-sized group of 20 to 50 people who work directly with the test managers (PreAlpha testers). Unlike PreAlpha testers, this group has no direct connection with Developers. Instead, its primary purpose will be to receive testing instructions from PreAlpha testers, execute the tests in a larger sample, and determine whether the product can work in a real-world setting. This group will also participate in automated tests designed to move beyond the tech’s physical limitations. They will also write documentation for end users and beta testers (user guides and testing instructions).

Beta testers: A larger group of 100 to 200 people tasked with using the documentation created by the Alpha testers. Beta testers are required to follow their instructions and send them feedback. This group will also test user guides, transaction speeds, volumes and various other factors before the product is publicly released. This group will also support end users after the release.

Earn some XFUEL™  and help the project advance! If you wish to participate in testing and future testnets, please signup here:

Reminder: XFUEL™ will be also used for funding projects through the XFUEL™ My Idea project. This program allows great dApp ideas from individuals to come to life. The goal is to leverage our community to vote on the best ideas.

We’re Moving: Telegram News:

For a variety of reasons, we’ve created a new Official Telegram. If interested, you can join this new Telegram at https://t.me/official_xtrabytes

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