A New XTRABYTES Today Blog Banner

Announcing the new XTRABYTES Today blog banner! Created by @Ilias, the blog banner above now displays every time the blog’s main URL is posted online. Graphic design team artist @Ilias sought to remind viewers that the blog is a community endeavor, frequently read on a mobile and on the go.

 Some important dates in the blog’s history:

6/04/2017  First blog post at xtrabytes.today: PoSign & The Technology Basics of Xtrabytes

10/04/2017 Xtrabytes.today blog formally begins working with XBY team

2/06/2018 Full blog transferred to xtrabytes.global domain

2/15/2018 First blog post banner designed by graphic design team.

2/22/2018 First blog post to reach 10,000 views (“Coordinated Testnet Strike Results”).

4/13/2018 New website, blog design format  launched




About John Potter

Copy Manager for XTRABYTES' Marketing Department since October 2017 (and XBY hodler since June 2017). John's earned degrees include an MBA, MA , and MLIS. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn via [email protected]


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