Coordinated Strike Results: February 7th & 8th

With our last two coordinated strikes on Testnet #3 coming to an end, the XTRABYTES  team would like to share the latest results with our community. In our latest coordinated strike on February 8th, 2018 the block parameters were adjusted to 6 seconds minimum block-time and 50 MB block-size. In the near future we will see these improved with the addition of more nodes running on the network.

With a total of 25 participants on our US-timed strike on February 7th, and 40 participants during our EU-timed strike on February 8th, we were able to observe the following details:


We reached a maximum of 539 tps in several consecutive blocks, which can be seen if you look at the history in our block explorer:


It appears for now that ~539 transactions per second is the highest we can hit with the limited number of participants while on old code running only Proof of Signature without PULSE or VITALS. A few errors were again caused by the old, less-than optimal wallets and some network errors.

Network Errors:

  1. Wallets would freeze up while spamming sendmany commands, seems directly correlated to computing power of the users’ computer
  2. Wallet bloat that wasn’t cleaned prior to start
  3. Insufficient funds, mostly due to incorrect modification of the address label in the sendmany script
  4. Blockexplorer crashed

The 539 tps reached is otherwise a huge improvement over the 107 tps we reached in the last coordinated strikes and gives us great confidence for the performance of future testnets on the new and improved Zoltchain.


We originally began Testnet #3 with the intention of comparing user specs with Testnet results in order to determine the basic operating requirements for a node. Unfortunately, the old code has not served as a strong measurement on this point given how flawed the base code actually is. That said, we will  keep these user specs and save this analysis for future testnets on the Zoltchain. This will allow us to define basic spec requirements for future node owners.

What’s next?

In our 4th and final testnet we will couple the new X-CITE wallet to our new Zoltchain, once more with fake currency in a test environment. The testnet will remain after mainnet as a permanent feature. All this will be after we have been granted the patent pending status.


Once again, we would like to thank all participants for assisting us in the testnet. This data is invaluable to the development team




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