Marketing Blitz Update Sept 4

There are several exciting developments in the works that the XTRABYTES community will be very happy to learn about. The website is close, the initial non-technical whitepaper is close and we even have a roadmap on the way. In addition to this, we have a surprise coming that we feel the community will be very excited about with regard to development funding and there will also be some paid advertising and incentives for community members. We’re on a Marketing Blitz!

What I can tell you is that the Board and the Developers and other assistants are all working very hard and there is a massive amount of discussion happening on how to bring all of this out, in step by step fashion, for the best result and benefit of the XTRABYTES community. All of this discussion has resulted in an inability to properly finalize some key aspects and thus we are going to hold off on releasing the information until we are all satisfied with what we will present to you for the 90 day marketing blitz.

Yes, we understand the desire to get things rolling on this date and we would have liked to also. It is better that we wait and not roll things out prematurely.

On a side note: the next phase of TESTNET is coming soon and will include the PULSE and VITALS system. After that, if the tests go well, Borz will be able to start migrating to the Zoltchain.

Thank you,

Dave, Zoltan and The XTRABYTES Board

About John Potter

Copy Manager for XTRABYTES' Marketing Department since October 2017 (and XBY hodler since June 2017). John's earned degrees include an MBA, MA , and MLIS. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn via [email protected]