Under-The-Radar-Coin Is A To-The-Moon Investment

Under-The-Radar-Coin & To the Moon with PoSignThe ultimate goal for under-the-radar-coin XBY is to become the supporting infrastructure for other modular applications. This will create a complex ecosystem where other developers can plug, and build their applications utilizing the XtraBytes platform. The superiority of the XtraBytes network from better security, efficiency, and flexibility is what will drive developers to use the platform. Once it starts increasing in popularity, a network effect will be created, resulting in the proliferation of more devs using the XBY platform.


Why do I have such high hopes for this project? Well, mainly because XBY is a protocol that will allow for infinite scalability with other modular applications. Combine this with the backing of an ultra secure network, and you have a sleeping giant that many crypto investors dream of investing in.

From https://medium.com/@foreverandroid1/xtrabytes-proof-of-signature-revolution-5b587b49ea92


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