XtraBytes Development Update 6/6/2017

XBY Spokesperson @CCRevolution just released a new video updating XBY followers on what is going on with development.  So what are his major talking points? For those who would read a quick rundown rather than listen:

Genesis Block has been created. The next step is to have the STaTIC nodes verified against the new chain, have them the sign the genesis block.

XtraBytes DevelopmentThe main XBY website is mostly done… some additional content needs to be added.  Expect the website to be released next week.

@CCRevolution is meeting face-to-face with Borzalom (lead developer) next week for the first time. They will be siting down with the project manager in order to further streamline the development process. The goal is to proceed more quickly.

Borzalom has had so much trouble with the old (Bitmox) block chain that he inherited that he has decided to start from scratch. This will eliminate the bugs and offer more opportunities and a cleaner development process.

The XBY Core (where the XBY chain is to be housed) has been released- it is a skeleton with modules within it and external modules capable of expanding. As @CCRevolution has noted, the Core is similar to Drupal in that modules can be added on to make it more responsive and effective. This is especially important as more developers come online to improve the system.

The Graphic User Interface for Static Node Users is released but needs to more user friendly. It just doesn’t make sense to start using command prompts because of impatience. Wait for development.

Additional commentary was made about how 33 new Static Nodes that have become available will be distributed. Right now a variety of ideas are being bandied about.

@CCRevolution reiterated that they will not be giving deadlines or dates for when progress is to be done. As he has stated before many times, this development project is experimental. As such, decisions will change along the way. Getting ahead on programming in anticipation of future development can be  counterproductive.

Finally, he noted that the XBY developers are NOT creating a blockchain clone. This is a whole new type of blockchain…so again, its important to remain patient until full development.

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