XTRABYTES Roadmap – Q2 2020


It’s been well over 2 years since we released our last XTRABYTES roadmap. With so many important milestones coming up over the next 3 months, we decided it was best to make a new one. 

The first thing you’ll notice when reviewing the XTRABYTES™ roadmap is that we changed the documentary release date from April to June. Although the reasons for this should be obvious, we will list them nonetheless:

  • Bitcoin’s halving has been extended into May
  • Since COVID-19 news is reaping public attention, any attempt to solicit attention on an unrelated matter will remain an uphill battle
  • Most investors are scared, angry or both.  Consequently, we simply don’t believe the original release date is optimal
  • To weather this storm, most investors are placing their faith in fiat for the time being

Although the general public appears to be waiting this crisis out by staying home and watching TV, the circumstance surrounding them being there is not ideal for them to take an interest in XTRABYTES. 

As such, we prefer to execute several other XTRABYTES roadmap goals prior to the release of the documentary. For instance, we will be providing a series of business presentations (see below) that enable us to (directly or indirectly) invite individuals interested in listening and learning. We believe these presentations will naturally increase our audience as they await better days.

By June we hope these challenges will be mostly behind us. Consequently, any momentum that we can generate between now and then will help us bring forth many new supporters, all of whom can also help us move to the next level of community support (in conjunction with the documentary and commercial releases that will attract new investors as well).  Generating momentum also ensures that we reach the goals listed in the XTRABYTES roadmap below.


XTRABYTES Roadmap Details – April

➤ Academy ➤ XCITE Testing for V 0.6 and V 1.0 Public Release
➤ Genesis Testing ➤ STATIC Registrations 

Academy – The XTRABYTES Academy became the media company’s focal point while we were being interviewed for the documentary. This appears to have solidified us as their selection, as they were highly impressed with our long-standing mission to educate the public and help new investors succeed (and avoid the many financial pitfalls that befall so many). This coupled with what we were able to share about our technology and our mission compelled them to view XTRABYTES as a truly unique project – one they could confidently showcase for their Blockchain & Cryptocurrency segment.

Moving forward, we will be releasing an early version of the Academy in April. However, it will quickly evolve as we will be adding more information on a continuous basis. At present, we aim to have sufficient content to satisfy the needs of any interested parties  visiting the Academy via the documentary. In time, as additional content creators join us (contact us if interested!) we will eventually offer a robust learning Academy for individuals seeking to become acquainted with the crypto world. 

XCITE Testing for V 0.6 and V 1.0 public release – In the current 0.5 release of XCITE, we’re limited to only one transaction per user per minute due to the fact that the current setup is not yet tied to the actual Genesis network (only to a single static node). With the release of version 0.6, however, XCITE will have full connectivity to the Genesis network. This will enable us to perform more than one transaction per minute – and begin further testing of the actual network. Once this version is completely tested by our test group (and no remaining issues are found), we will release version V 1.0 as the first public version.

Genesis Testing – There will be early testing of the Genesis network in combination with the XCITE module. In addition, we may activate some original STATIC nodes to conduct these tests. These tests are designed to help us better discern any connection issues that may exist (as well as any other hurdles needing correction) before moving on to the next deployment phase. 

STATIC registrations – Obviously, this is a one of the major milestones we have been waiting on since we closed the original STATIC registrations back in 2017. However, the first step for this, as  mentioned a few weeks back, is to reassemble all current STATIC owners as a group. Once this goal has been achieved, we will be better situated about making some decisions together as a community. 

New STATIC registrations will then proceed based on all information discussed and agreed upon, including the disclosure of the fees and rewards which is currently being finalized.

As new STATIC registrations progress, we will reach a level where we have a sufficient amount for minimal testing with L2 and L3 nodes and during this time we will also be activating each node to prepare for the live testing.

XTRABYTES Roadmap Details – May

➤ STATIC Network testing ➤ New IMAGINE Website

STATIC Network Testing – We have been waiting to proceed with the STATIC network testing since 2017/2018 as well. However, it should be noted that this network will not incorporate the technology components we seek patent protection for. Instead, this will simply serve as a testing ground for everything except our network optimization protocol (better known as VITALS and PULSE). Nonetheless, it should be known that we feel confident that our POSIGN protocol and STATIC setup, running on this simplified network, will serve as sufficient software integration to impress those that we need to impress the most (other developers).

Yes, we need more high level developers who are seeking a new challenge! Consider joining the XTRABYTES project so we can help take a load off Zoltan – contact us if interested!

It should also be noted that we will anticipate massive improvements once we release our network protocols and inventions also. 

New IMAGINE Website – This is a project that was first brought to life about a year ago. Some small scale video recordings were filmed but the legal aspects of using these videos for our promotional purposes became a hurdle we would have to deal with and at the time this was seen as a multilingual issue of signing releases in various languages.

As time progressed, and with this “video” project on the back burner, workarounds began to appear and the ideas kept progressing.

When the documentary came knocking, the IMAGINE Campaign became as important as the XTRABYTES Academy. In the end, this gave us a 1-2 punch for our new visitors.  

As May’s XTRABYTES Roadmap reveals, we will be setting the stage for some critically important events to take place in June and beyond.

XTRABYTES Roadmap Details – June

➤ Documentary Release  ➤ IMAGINE Campaign Kickoff

Documentary Release – As mentioned earlier, we have elected to extend the documentary’s release until June. This is somewhat of a gamble as we really do not know what to expect with the world right now. Nonetheless, we believe that extending the release out to this point is the best decision.

As an added bonus, this delay provides us with additional time to work on several other promotions. Ultimately, our aim is to start gaining some marketing momentum again. After all, we should not treat this documentary as a “magic marketing bullet”. Rather, we must do as much as possible to optimize our advantages prior to starting the campaign.

IMAGINE Campaign Kickoff (hopefully this social distancing is finished) – The IMAGINE Campaign is an initiative centered around a continual bounty that is paid when individuals or groups submit qualified videos of themselves citing the various IMAGINE quotes and images we will make available (stay tuned for these).

Although we cannot share the IMAGINE website yet, we will share the website template we purchased. The link below will help you get an idea of where we are going with this fun and exciting campaign: https://preview.themeforest.net/item/vodi-video-wordpress-theme-for-movies-tv-shows/full_screen_preview/23738703

Team member ‘Bitwalker’ has already designed a vibrant and colorful background image to replace the one shown above. And other creative assets and pages are in the works! 

Our vision here is to turn this into a powerful video advertising tool for use in social media. We expect these videos to entice additional people to get involved and share their enthusiasm and ideas. 

Business Presentations

We will start taking a more proactive approach within the community over Q2 as well. We believe that having scheduled presentations showcase the project’s technology will serve to generate new excitement for the project – and help people understand what XTRABYTES is all about. 

The planned schedule is to have 2 presentations on Tuesdays and 2 on Thursdays. We will stagger the times to meet our global audience as best we can and there will be a variety of presenters. We will, however, start slowly with 1 presentation, followed by 2 the next week and then on to the full schedule the week after. The first presentation will occur on our 3rd birthday – April 7th, 2020

We’re  also envisioning a “bring a guest” bounty to encourage greater participation as the weeks pass. More information will come in this regard ahead of the first presentation.

Thank you all for your attention!


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